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Hormonal Disorders - Essay Example

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Adenomas can breed from diverse organs. Some of these organs include the adrenal glands, colon, pituitary gland, prostate, and thyroid among others (Neil & Isaac, 2006). This paper will discuss the means…
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Hormonal Disorders
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Extract of sample "Hormonal Disorders"

Hormonal Disorders Introduction An adenoma refers to a harmless tumor that originates in the glandular. Adenomas can breed from diverse organs. Some of these organs include the adrenal glands, colon, pituitary gland, prostate, and thyroid among others (Neil & Isaac, 2006). This paper will discuss the means through which people develop adenoma, describe the changes that occur to humans that cause adenoma, and comment whether patients affected require hormones level monitoring.
Question 1: Ways in which patients develop adenoma
Adenoma occurs as a result of changes in some genes not yet identified by medical practitioners. Adenoma falls more widespread in some hereditary diseases, including multiple endocrines and the Carney complex (Neil & Isaac, 2006). Also, patients with inherited defects of the body structures that produce steroid hormones, for example, hereditary adrenal hyperplasia and in particular those whose condition falls as inadequately controlled may have a high risk of adenomas. However, most adenomas do not link with an inherited sickness (Neil & Isaac, 2006).
Question 2: Changes in human activities that bring adenoma symptoms
Even if adenoma stands as harmless, it has the potential to create severe health complications by compressing other structures through mass effect and by producing prodigious amounts of hormones in an unregulated, nonresponsive dependent behavior. This is referred to as paraneoplastic syndrome (Schwartz, 2002). The changes that occur in humans and cause adenoma are as follows: abnormality which comes as a result of excess production of hydrocortisone, a steroid hormone involved in reaction to stressing and energy steadiness. Adenomas that produce vast amounts of steroid hormones will cause clear symptoms. Huge amounts of hydrocortisone will cause Cushings conditions where too much mineral corticoid causes Conns conditions, and a surplus of male sex steroids creates unhealthy skin plus hair growth. Hardly ever hemorrhage can arise into adenomas and bring the pain in the flanks or back (Schwartz, 2002).
Question 3: Presence of acromegaly
Acromegaly refers to a condition that arises from the frontal pituitary gland when it produces excess growth hormones mostly at puberty (Neil & Isaac, 2006). A variety of disorders may increase the pituitarys hormone growth output, though most commonly it includes a hormone producing tumor referred to as pituitary adenoma, derived from a distinctive cell. It is true to say that the patient had acromegaly because of the symptoms the doctors found. The teenager at the age of 20 portrayed same symptoms of a person suffering from acromegaly. These symptoms stand as: enlarged hands and feet, severe headache, vision problem and neck rigidity (Neil & Isaac, 2006). This shows that the boy had acromegaly.
Question 4: Complications that could arise with acromegaly
Other common complications that could arise with adenoma are as follows: sleep apnea, arm, face, foot or tongue swelling, change in the shoe or ring size, spreading teeth, bite difficulties, facial paralysis, carpal channel conditions, joint bone pains and gentleness gigantism, excessive perspiration and oily skin impotence (Neil & Isaac, 2006).
Question 5: Need of hormone level monitoring
A patient should be monitored for a long time for increasing hormone levels. If treatment does not stabilize the hormone levels, a practitioner should regularly start on additional drug healing. The recent first choice drugs fall as sandostatin or lanreotide. Though parlodel or cabergoline are less expensive and easier to give out (Schwartz, 2002), with both types of prescriptions, lasting therapy stands to be a necessity because their withdrawal can cause rising hormone levels plus tumor re-expansion. Radiation therapy stands for patients whose tumors are not entirely extracted by surgery; for patients who do not fall as legitimate candidates for surgical treatment because of other health issues; and for patients who do not react sufficiently to a surgical procedure and drugs.
The probability of being infected with adenoma goes up with age (Schwartz, 2002). In conclusion, patients suffering from adenoma should be catered to with special care to reduce the cases and ease the number problem.
Neil, S., & Isaac, S. (2006). Hormonal balance: Understanding hormones, weight, and your metabolism. Colorado: Bull Publishing Company.
Schwartz, E. (2002). The hormone solution: Naturally alleviate symptoms of hormone imbalance from adolescence through menopause. New York: Grand Central Publishing. Read More
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Hormonal Disorders Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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