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Security findemental (Work place violence policy exerise) - Essay Example

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A policy refers to a document that contains guidelines or regulations that control the conduct of people who meet regularly at a certain place to work towards a common goal. Policies are the work of the top management in a company or an institution. Policies help maintain a…
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Security findemental (Work place violence policy exerise)
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Extract of sample "Security findemental (Work place violence policy exerise)"

Download file to see previous pages Thus, policies are usually applicable in normal and ideal conditions. Policies are common in workplaces, institutions, teams, boards, and committees. In places where the people involved are in different groups, each group usually has its own policies to follow. Policies are usually short, precise, and accurate.
Policies usually define later or possible courses of action that should be followed in varying circumstances. Generally, policies control the particular actions of concerned people in different circumstances or times. A security policy is of paramount importance in any workplace. It defines and guides the particular doings of employees regarding the maintaining of peace and calm in a workplace, and possible actions should the situation turn violent (Karen, 58).
This paper seeks to examine and outline the security policy of ABC Company. It describes the possible actions that employees should take in case of physical danger in the company, from either outside or within the premises. The security manager has drafted this particular policy and its purpose is to guide the actions of all employees in the event of issues concerning workplace violence and possible physical harm like gun threats in the company. When outlining this policy, the security manager has taken into consideration that potential sources of harm can be from outsiders or from fellow employees.
The ABC company security team upholds nil lenience to any kind of violent behavior within the company. The intention of this policy is to offer guidance that will preserve an atmosphere at and inside the company premises and proceedings that are void of hostility or any threat of aggression.
Aggressive character or any example or form of hostility, direct or indirect, is forbidden at ABC Company, its grounds, and at any occasions or ceremonies of the company. Such behavior by a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Security Findemental (Work Place Violence Policy Exerise) Essay)
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“Security Findemental (Work Place Violence Policy Exerise) Essay”, n.d.
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