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Security findemental (contract security guard service selection exercise) - Essay Example

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The memorandum hereby provides the results for recruiting the security supervisors with an immediate effect for the rotating shifts in the organization. As per the shifts, eight employees are to be hired for each shift, that is, a total of 24 employees will be required depending…
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Security findemental (contract security guard service selection exercise)
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Extract of sample "Security findemental (contract security guard service selection exercise)"

Library and museum studies   09 April 10-April Security Staff Contract Report From The Manager Security Department
ABC Company
The Manager
The Human Resource Department
ABC Company
Subject: Recommendation for security guard service contract.
The memorandum hereby provides the results for recruiting the security supervisors with an immediate effect for the rotating shifts in the organization. As per the shifts, eight employees are to be hired for each shift, that is, a total of 24 employees will be required depending on various duties in the company like patrolling personnel, entry officers, inspection of trucks and the security operations centre. The length of appointment can be for a year contract, and the contract can be extended depending on the performance of the employees. Researches have been conducted on certain security regulating agencies for the understanding of their professional approach, dedication to services and the reputation of the company.
The research was conducted on three reputed companies in the US and after intense scrutiny, the company selected for making contract with our company is the ‘US Security Associates’. The security guard contract company is selected based on certain criteria, which included revenue, medical benefits, company’s reputation, its strength and the years of experience it had in the particular field.
The US Security Associates is selected because of its excellent success in the field of security services. The first and foremost reason was the company’s experience in the field. It was established in 1955, and currently, they are the fourth largest providers of security services in the country. The company has strength of around 46000 employees, 160 offices worldwide and clients of about 4700 including clients from various areas like the manufacturing industry, financial institutions, office building, retail, residential, energy and the utility services. The company also provides risk analysis as well as consulting advices. It is also the first company with an ISO 9001:2000 certification. The salary identified was $29000, annually, which is an affordable amount compared to other companies, and the company offers full time benefits for their employees in health care.
The selection of the employees by the US Security Associates is based on the educational qualifications as well as certain qualified standards. The people recruited by them are based on the minimal education qualification, that is the high school diploma, and also each employee should posses the BSIS certificate.
After going through the vision and mission of the company, it is crystal clear that they are the number one compared to the rest of the companies chosen for the bid and they are also capable of providing the best services for our company. The matrix evaluation is done for the company for the wide range study, “SWOT is an acronym used to describe the particular Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats that are strategic factors for a specific company. A SWOT analysis should not only result in the identification of a corporation’s core competencies, but also in the identification of opportunities in the firm” (Internal and External Analysis par. 1).
Highly reputed, first to receive ISO9001:2000 certification. Possesses160 offices worldwide and 4th largest company in providing security.
Just from the establishment they cannot be the number one in the security providing sector, they have to work harder to achieve number one position in the world.
Can excel in the field of security services and they have good career prospects.
Employees may quit their jobs and approach other companies for a higher salary.
Yours faithfully
Manager (security)
Works Cited
Internal and External Analysis. My Strategic Plan. 2012. Web. 09 April 2012. Read More
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