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Oil - Research Paper Example

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Open thesis: Oil in American shores and other global reserves like Middle East bears a significant history that comprises unending wrangles due to America’s intention of investing intensively in the market to satiate its state’s high demand for petroleum.
It is undeniable…
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Extract of sample "Oil"

Download file to see previous pages Hence, forming a potential market to the oil-producing states where mostly they tend to have the final say regarding the commodity’s price. However, it is not that America lacks its own reserves, but their yield is inadequate to provide for its large population that normally consumes approximately 6.6 billion barrels annually (Bruce, 2007). This prompted the state to seek other sources of oil that will manage to cater adequately for its demand. America yielded to 21% investing in other states compared to its direct dealing operations. This was in the form of establishing corporations that will specialize in either oil drilling or having other diverse roles in ensuring adequate attainment of oil in the oil rich states, and in turn benefit; hence using diplomacy (Hitchcock, 2010).
Currently, America produces 21 billion barrels that normally provide 6.6 billion barrels of oil meant for its population’s demand annually. According to conservationists, this annual consumption is adequate in providing America for 3.5 years, but only through proper application of other substitute saving methods besides effective technology especially in the transport sector. However, studies indicate America’s oil consumption trend continues to augment, where by the year 2020 according to Ghouri’s statistics would read 24,900, 2,596, 2,321 thousand in USA, Canada and Mexico respectively. This was a comparison with the year 1999 oil consumption statistics having 19,519, 1,943, 1,970 thousand in USA, Canada and Mexico accordingly (Ghouri, 2001). The augmenting demand trend has prompted America to depend on imports from other states, since the reserves, that it possesses does not equal its consumption. This is because the demand is outdoing the already diminishing reserves’ production. Studies indicate that American shore reserves are diminishing, which leaves the state with no alternative except offshore drilling, which is expensive. This is due to the capital necessitated ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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Oil Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words - 1.
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... to as the “black gold” and the devils excrement. Oil is found in the world’s most democratic and well governed countries such as Norway and Canada and also in some of the most autocratic nations such as Saudi Arabia and Nigeria (Roberts, 2004). In countries like Ghana and Nigeria, oil has become a curse. When oil was being mined in Ghana, the local people hoped for a better living standard and an improved sanitation. Everyone in Ghana was very excited and waited anxiously for the mining of oil for the first time in the country. They hoped that Ghana would be able to break the “curse” that had been associated with the mineral. This event only saw a few getting richer and the poor getting poorer. The same problem faced its neighbor Nigeria...
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conventional therapy, comprising of dietary changes like increasing dietary fiber intake, etc, and drugs such as anticholinergics, antispasmodics, and sedatives are often not significantly effective and may not be tolerated b...
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In several food processing operations, it is essential to determine the viscosity of the fluid being processed so that the most suitable equipment can be selected. The viscosity may change considerably during some operations such as heating, cooling, homogenization, concentration and industrial fermentations by molds. When planning these processes, these viscosity changes nee...
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...) or Mercosur has had on the on the market structure and trade patterns between the two countries and by extension what effect the organization has had on regional integration. Furthermore this paper will examine how improvements in infrastructure technology may have a positive effect between the two nations and ultimately how all the factor endowments make each country a more favorable location for their exports. Lastly this paper will have a brief examination of what effect the exchange rate regimes employed by both nations has had. When examining the oil demands of Brazil it is important to take into consideration that the country does produce a tremendous amount of oil and has proven reserves that according to the CIA World Factbook...
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Oil Prices by OPEC and Market Fundamentals

Market failure is defined as the inefficient allocation of resources by the market, the free market is considered to optimally prices and resources in the production of goods and services, and this is because the price and quantity produced are determined by market forces which include the demand and the supply. The control of prices by a firm or an organization in the market results in market failure, therefore OPEC leads to market failure due to its nature in the market.

OPEC was formed in 1960 by 5 oil-producing countries which include Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iran and Iraq, The aim of this organization was to unify petroleum-producing countries in order to realize fair and stable prices of oil .other oil-pro...
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It is a difficult task to find those vendors who not only have the adequate quality and quantity of the needed raw materials but who also have an attitude of efficiency and display commitment to customer service (Sonmat, 2006). Further, organizations also strive to locate and select vendors who can be depended upon for long term relationship.

The number of factors or attributes desired from the vendor is vast, and different organizations and different industries place different importance on the attributes (Sonmat, 2006). Some of the vendor attributes may gain importance owing to the nature of the industry, for example, in the case of consumer perishables suppliers, like fresh vegetables or fruits, the buying firm would...
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In 2001 alone, the US reported earning from the industry close to two hundred billion US dollars. According to a previous study, the middle east tops the list as the largest exporters of crude oil taking over sixty-six percent of the global production of oil. Europe is the least producers of oil taking only two percent of the market share (Green, 4).
According to the American Association of Petroleum Geologists, the major problem facing the industry is lack of workforce and the increase in demand for oil. The report indicated that by 2030, the world’s oil demand is expected to increase from one hundred and three to one hundred and thirty million barrels per day. Natural gas, on the other hand, will expectedly increase t...
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... in Alberta, it has led to the killing of wildlife. The oil sipping to the nearby lake Alberta has called for massive reaction from the public and groups calling for the closure of the oil companies near the Lake. The pressure directed on the government also wanted Forensic Analysis to be done on the water samples in the underground wells in the area and also projection of underground water models to establish whether there was contamination of the underground water. With the concerns that the contamination and the spillage was more than was even expected peaceful demonstrations were called upon to pressure the government to close the processes near the Lake. At the site in Question, steam injection wells also referred to as in-situ...
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As stated by the Energy Information Administration, transportation fuels such as gasoline, jet fuel, and diesel account for 2/3 of the total usage of oil in the United States of America (Eccos, 2011). About 45% of the usage is accounted for by gasoline used for light trucks, SUVs and cars (Eccos, 2011).
Of the total amount of petroleum used in the United States, 65% is imported from countries such a Canada, Mexico, Venezuela, Nigeria, Algeria, Iraq and Saudi Arabia (Eccos, 2011). This simply means that even if the United States was to stop using the 45% of the oil used for vehicles there would still be a dependency on oil. In 2006, a total of 317.1 billion gallons were consumed with almost 70% going to transportation, 25% for...
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