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Movie Indusrty - Essay Example

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Major classifications under this subject proceed as: movies producing firms, movie studios, cinematography, film production, screenwriting, pre-production, post…
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Movie Indusrty
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Extract of sample "Movie Indusrty"

Movie Industry Introduction The movie industry also known as the film industry composes of technological and business organizations of filmmaking. Major classifications under this subject proceed as: movies producing firms, movie studios, cinematography, film production, screenwriting, pre-production, post production, movie festivals, distributors, actors, film directors and other movie crew workers (Scott, 2005). The cost incurred in producing films rate highly. This has led to film production to focus on the sponsorship of production companies willing to share the cost. The financing companies make film production equipment affordable; they create opportunities of acquiring investment capital from outside the movie industry itself. In essence, they have allowed independent movie production to grow. Some of the major centers of film making can be said to be, Nigeria, Hong Kong and India (Scott, 2005). This paper will conduct a research on the global perspective view of the United States film industry with reference to other known production countries; this in view in terms of India and Hong Kong.
The difference from these centers falls under the place where the movies stand to be filmed. With the reasoning of labor and infrastructure costs, most movies are made in states different from the one in which the organization, owing to the film, is situated. For example, many U.S. movies are filmed in Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom and New Zealand or Eastern European countries.
The largest producer of films in the world stands to be India. It produces nearly 3000 films on celluloid, which include a stunning figure of 1288 featured movies (Lee, 2002). Indian film industry covers multiple languages and the largest in the globe with a view of the tickets purchased and the number of movies created (Lee, 2002). The industry enjoys the support of the main vast film-going Indian society. For this reason, Indian films have been earning popularity in the rest of the world; this being noted in countries with large numbers of migrated Indians. The largest movie industry in India refers to Hindi film industry. It concentrates in Mumbai, and people commonly referred to it as "Bollywood". The name amalgamates itself from Bombay and Hollywood (Lee, 2002).
Hong Kong stands as a film-producing hub for the Chinese speakers. It falls under the third largest film industry in the globe and the second largest exporter of movies. Hong Kong movies stand out for their unique identity and play a vital part on the world cinema scene. Unlike many movies, Hong Kong benefits little to no direct government assistance, through either funding or import share (Stephen, 1997). It categorizes as a thoroughly marketing cinema, focused on crowd-pleasing genres, like comedy and action, and heavily dependent on formulas, developments plus remakes. Like all commercial films, it promotes an enormously developed star scheme, which in this case also allows considerable overlap with the pop music industry (Stephen, 1997).
Hollywood falls under California in the United States situated west-northwest of downtown Los Angeles. It fames as the historical center of film studios and movie stars. The word Hollywood refers to a metonym of American films. Today, much of the film industry expands into surrounding areas such as the Westside region, San Fernando and the Santa Clarita Valleys, but powerful supporting industries, such as props, lighting, editing, effects and post-production companies still retained in Hollywood (Scott, 2005).
Television proves to be a beneficial enterprise. Hollywood seems to benefit most from this despite the rise of other countries. Hollywood looks to stay at the top for a long period, and movie studios setting up also being used for the production of programming in television, which will remain a culture.
Lee, K. (2002). A slanted canon: Asian American film commentary. New York: Pak Man Productions.
Scott, A. (2005). On Hollywood: The place the industry. Princeton: Princeton University Press.
Stephen, T. (1997). Hong Kong cinema: The Extra dimensions. London: British Film Institute. Read More
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Movie Indusrty Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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