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Case Management - Essay Example

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This term has been defined by several graduates differently. Some of the authors define case management as procedures aimed at linking the service system with a client, and coordinating the…
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Case Management
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Extract of sample "Case Management"

Download file to see previous pages Case management can also be referred to as program coordination or service coordination (Levine and Brill 5). Case-management is a problem-solving function which is designed to ensure progression of services by overcoming the systems rigidity, misuse of certain facilities and fragmented services (Holt 15). Case management dominates in HIV/ AIDS programs in order to ensure that both the affected and their families get access to care and other services. It is also used in other programs which include the elderly, people with chronic disabilities, teenage mothers, mental health clients, veterans, the disabled, school children, substance abusers, developmentally disabled individuals among others (Holt 140).
There is a number of ways in which people can access their needs during case management. The case manager should identify the problem facing the client. This will ensure that he has understood the type of conflict that he should address. This enables him to prepare adequately in managing the case. After getting to know the type of client one is working with then, the case manager should be able to categorize the clients according to case management settings (Holt 56). These include classification according to organization, type of case manager, payment, and the case manager functions (Holt 57).
The client one is working with should cooperate effectively. This is because cooperation is effective in reducing the emotional component of the conflict. As one continues dealing with the client, he or she should assess the adherence of the client to the case management procedure (Levine and Brill 34). The tests chosen for the client are supposed to be accurate enough in order to generate the required end results (Holt 67). The case manager should take his/ her time in monitoring the client’s progress. Assessment of the client is an ongoing procedure (Holt 20). During this period, the case manager should have built a solid relationship with the client. Moreover, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Case Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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