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Control and monitoring on smart grid - Research Paper Example

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A capacitor has two conductive material plates separated by an insulator dielectric. The dielectric could be paper, air, oxide, plastic or any other insulator type. An insulator’s…
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Control and monitoring on smart grid
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Download file to see previous pages Rp, parallel resistance, is a large value which has significant effect in capacitors which have small values. Rs, equivalent series resistance, albeit a small value, is vital in capacitors which have large values as their impedance is small when compared to Rs, and they dissipate high power. Ls, series inductance, is a representation of the total capacitance and inductance higher frequencies roll-off. At low frequencies, frequency and capacitance vary due to dielectric property changes. The same parasitic elements have an impact on the capacitor’s impedance when tested at different frequencies (National Instruments, 1).
Capacitance is a capacitor’s ability of storing charge in an electric field. It is a measure of stored electric potential energy. A parallel plate capacitor common is a common device for energy storage device where capacitance and the conductor’s surface area are directly proportional. On the contrary, capacitance and the plate’s separation distance are inversely proportional. Using +q and −q as the charges on both conductor plates, and V as the voltage between the conductor plates, capacitance will be given by;
The farad is the SI unit. One farad is one coulomb per volt. The energy, in joules, in a capacitor equals the amount of work done in charging it. Considering a capacitor with C capacitance, holding plate charges +q and −q. To Move a small charge element dq between the plates against V = q/C, the potential difference, will require dW , the work;
A capacitor’s energy storage is calculated by integration of this equation. The initial uncharged capacitance is zero (q = 0). Moving a charge from a plate to the other until and attain a charge of +Q and −Q has to require the work W;
Inductors are electronic components with the capability of storing energy as a current. Inductors consist of conductive coils wrapped around a magnetic material or without a core. The cores electrical properties show ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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