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Strategic management - Essay Example

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The statement can be analyzed as one that aims at bringing the air travel mode of transport back to humans. However, the mission description can be expanded to…
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Strategic management
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Extract of sample "Strategic management"

JetBlue Company Grand Strategies JetBlue’s mission ment currently is “our value proposition.” This ment appears to people as a slogan. The statement can be analyzed as one that aims at bringing the air travel mode of transport back to humans. However, the mission description can be expanded to incorporate what the vision statement attests. This further expands on the corporate goals. JetBlue company’s four statements are provision of high quality services and products, low operating costs, to increase their brand strengths and to increase the strength of the people.
In order for JetBlue Company to grow, the company should put new emphasis on the grand strategy for growth, operational excellence, and customer intimacy at the corporate level. It should also engage generic strategies of differentiation and overall low cost leadership at the functional level. Mainly, the strategy should include offering an amazing quality product and service that should be summarized under JetBlue experience, network expansion, low fares, and quest for low operating expenses and should invest in new and economical planes.
JetBlue Company puts in place five core values to replace the formal mission statement. These values are safety, care, fun, integrity, and passion. The five values are more significant in that they are printed on every paper that JetBlue company issues. These values also provide a framework for the company’s culture. Adams insists that once a company’s values are framed, the company’s culture follows. The company looks forward to enhance the JetBlue experience so that it can differentiate itself from the competition from other companies with similar interests. For the JetBlue Company to continue to grow, it needs to formulate a new vision and mission statements. This is if the company is to remain true to being a low-cost carrier that endeavors to deliver on-time service with the most competitive airfares in the industry.
Short-Term Objectives
It is the duty of any company to form a strategic management once it formulates a mission statement. This statement allows the firm to realize its potential while having minded what it wants to avoid as it grows successfully. JetBlue Company’s mission has been to be renowned low cost-carrier and the company has been reluctant to change its vision and mission statement.
For JetBlue Company to have a clear direction of where it is headed, the company should put together more than a ten-word sentence in order to convey the firm’s mission. The values should be differentiated by making five core components. An example is that the values should portray that the company strives to put the customer’s care fast in its effort to retain good customer relationship in air travel. The company trains its employees to maximize on safety, integrity, passion, care, and making the flight experience fun for the passengers.
As one of the short-term strategies, JetBlue Company joined the social network twitter in the spring of 2007 and has over one-and a half million followers. The company started the account to help customers air their grievances. The idea behind corporate tweeting is meant to help customers who have a hitch with the company and would like to communicate with the company. This helps solve some of their problems with the company (Wharton School web).
Works Cited
Wharton School. “The Steady, Strategic Ascent of JetBlue Airways.” Strategic Management. 2006. Web 20 March 2012. Read More
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(Strategic Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 4)
Strategic Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 4.
“Strategic Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 4”, n.d.
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