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Resistor manufacture and optimization - Book Report/Review Example

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The paper uses literature review to create understanding of the current resistor types as well as the various manufacturing techniques in the first part of the discussion. The second part of the…
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Resistor manufacture and optimization
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Extract of sample "Resistor manufacture and optimization"

Download file to see previous pages Resistors (R) are considered as the most fundamental and commonly applied within almost all electronic components. There is no doubt that electronic industry has experienced serious improvements and development since the classical period (Chinoy & Langlois, 2004). Contemporary electronic industry is highly characterized with many electrical appliances and components. During the last two decades, electronic industry has experienced introduction and development of new techniques and advances, which have been very effective in shrinking sizes of most of the electrical appliances (Snogren, 2003). Various devices have therefore been developed in a bid to ensuring that such electrical appliances are effective. Amongst the contemporary developed, upgraded, and modified devices that enhance performance and effectiveness of contemporary electronic appliances are the resistors (Nabatian, Brown & Durant, 2000). Resistors are a major development and advancement within the contemporary electronic industry. There is no doubt that the significance impacts of resistors have attracted interest from various electrical scholars and engineers. One of the motivating factors for modification and upgrading of resistors in the contemporary electric industry is advancement of power supply technology, which has demanded for the need to have accurate current sensing techniques, methods, or devices. Classical resistors unlike the current resistors had low power ratings. With increased power technology supply, electrical engineers have been forced into modifying and upgrading classical or traditional resistors to current resistors in a bid to improving effectiveness and performance (Snogren, 2003). The standard symbols of resistors are:
Consequently, the quest to upgrade and modified classical resistors has resulted into different types of current resistors. Resistors can be categorized into various classes as determined by their ohms, performance, and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Resistor Manufacture and Optimization Book Report/Review - 1.
“Resistor Manufacture and Optimization Book Report/Review - 1”, n.d.
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