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Critical review - Book Report/Review Example

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The issue is comparable to the spiritual investigation of an inquisitive: “Who am I?” In present context the wording of the question is slightly changed: “Who made your T-shirt?” This question was put forth by Pietra Rivoli, the Economics Professor at Georgetown, during…
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Book critical review
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Extract of sample "Critical review"

Download file to see previous pages Pietra Rivoli concludes that no problems exist with the market as such, and the issue is manipulation of the market forces and suppression of its functioning. In the whole process, subsidized farmers are safe; manufacturers and importers who receive tax benefits remain protected. No risk is entailed in their operations, but the real playground of global trade remains unprotected. Poor countries are at the receiving end, unable to bear the stiff competition and they are compelled to reduce the prices. Pietra Rivoli is amazed to learn the social dimensions of global economy, the grassroots realities, and the impact of bureaucratic maneuvering. Her T-shirt tells about the intricacies involved in the conduct of the global trade. The author shows how politics and economics are engaged in a perennial war to outsmart each other.
Economics and production processes impact the social life for the worse, and the poor, as usual, are at the receiving end and their wages are minimal. The atmosphere where the labor works is prison-like. Rivoli argues: “The factory villages also destroy traditional family structures and cultures, and weaken indigenous agriculture. In short, the critics claim, the cheap T-shirts from China is a victory for US consumers and for corporate profits, but a failure for humanity” (72). The author cites favorable ecological conditions and historical reasons for the US to enjoy the prevailing position and score the decided advantage over contending countries. America enjoys the benefit of slave labor and P. Rivoli argues: “|The first significant American public policy that served to protect cotton growers from the perils of operating in a competitive market...risk growers were loath to assume” (11). China and India do not have this advantage, howsoever disgusting is the issue related to labor from the sociological point of view.
The author provides a detailed elucidation about the fiasco related to clothing donated. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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