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Prepare an 11 page on criminal justice management and administration - Research Paper Example

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Police is one of the criminal justice systems that are in existence to ensure that law is enforced and citizens follow these rules and regulations and order is maintained at all time. The current police administration system witnessed by us today has gone through various…
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Prepare an 11 page on criminal justice management and administration
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Extract of sample "Prepare an 11 page on criminal justice management and administration"

Download file to see previous pages The creation of organized policing marks the initiation of the development of administration of policing. The current policing system, which is paid by the government and is there to safe guard the interest of civilians, took place during 1829. During 1829, after a very lengthy and poignant debate, Metropolitan police act became a part of parcel of the English legal system. Before 1829, the activities conducted today by police and law enforcement agencies were conducted by ordinary civilians, volunteers, employees of justice system in America and England. When the law enforcement system was in the hand of these individuals, it provided very satisfactory results until the industrial revolution, during the revolution the crime rate of America and England escalated at a very fast pace. Under the Metropolitan police act, Sir Robert Peel gained the authority to assemble a force of policemen for the metropolitan region of London; Sir Robert Peel took this opportunity and instantly hired 1000 individuals as cops. Sir Peel along with two police commissioners recognized as Robert Mayne and Charles Rowan experienced the same issues and challenges in managing and organizing the police station and its members as faced by commissioners and managers of police station in current settings. These issues mainly concerned communication and managing a huge police force, these issues included: how to manage and coordinate the activities of a very huge police force, how to ensure that all directions and protocols are being followed and how to inform a huge number of police men about their duties and roles. The solution to some of these challenges is available in the Peelian Reforms, according to these reforms; police system should be managed and directed as the military system, police should be provided proper training and police members should be retained, individuals interested in operating as policemen should be hired on probationary basis and those who ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Prepare an 11 Page on Criminal Justice Management and Administration Research Paper.
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