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Book Assignment - Essay Example

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This book talks about the longest served WorldCom chief audit executive, Cynthia Cooper who led her team to expose the largest fraud in corporate history. The book also recounts her journey from her upbringing, career success, to the pressure of becoming a whistleblower, and to…
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Book Assignment
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Extract of sample "Book Assignment"

MEMO (Insert the audience (Insert 19 March Book Assignment Introduction This book talks about thelongest served WorldCom chief audit executive, Cynthia Cooper who led her team to expose the largest fraud in corporate history. The book also recounts her journey from her upbringing, career success, to the pressure of becoming a whistleblower, and to acquiring the title of the Time’s 2002 Persons of the year. The book also contains a story of how WorldCom grew from a small internal audit group to the largest telecom company in America. In addition, the author discusses the struggles she had in overcoming challenges she encountered and how she found healing in sharing what she learned with the next generation. This book acts as a call to corporate leaders and as an intimate indication of a scandal that shook the business world.
The most striking themes in the Book
This book has twenty-nine chapters, each highlighting a certain theme or an aspect of a theme. Among the most striking themes are the topics on how the author and her team exposed the fraud, how her background from her childhood molded her to become a whistleblower and how she become one of the Time’s 2002 persons of the year. I also found the highlight of how she managed to overcome the challenges she encountered and how healing more striking came through sharing lessons with the younger generation.
Ways in which reading this book will influence my Professional Life
My professional life has had a lot of up and down but now I have found solutions to some of my problems. First, I will be co-operating fully with my co-workers while respecting other employee and their roles in the company. This is out of the knowledge I have gained on the position of junior staff in the team and their contribution to the success of the company, which is almost equal to that of the senior staff. I will also as much as possible avoid bringing by personal emotions and other issues to my profession and also do my best in encouraging other people in my team to perfect in their area of specialization.
Ways in which reading this book will influence my Personal Life
From what I have learned from this book, I will always be trying to do things right no matter the ridicule. I will always be investigative especially when I suspect something fishy around my area of operation. In addition, I will ensure that I strengthen my personality because I have realized that it defines the person I am. Lastly, from the author’s courage to share her experience, I feel stirred to share my lessons and experience with the less experienced. This will help them to not only avoid falling into similar traps but also assist them in making informed decisions in life.
I have had a very good experience with the book. The use of simple language by the author makes the book very understandable. The educative nature of the content makes it very informative and the well ordered chapters make it easy to comprehend. Thus, I can recommend any student or professional who is seeking professional prowess to read this book.
(Insert student name)
Cooper, Cynthia. Extraordinary Circumstances: The Journey of a Corporate Whistleblower. New Jersey: John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2009. Print. Read More
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Book Assignment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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