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German and german class - Term Paper Example

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Many countries spend more to create the best medical facilities in the world while other has different focus such as educational system. Also, there are differences on the approach of their citizens. Germany is one of the most famous…
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German and german class paper
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Extract of sample "German and german class"

Download file to see previous pages German health care system is considered one of the finest not only in Europe but also around the world. Hospitals in Germany continue to lead the industry where patients from Eastern Europe, Gulf and Arab nations seek medical care from this country. Germany’s hospitals became the primary choice in health travel because of high level of medical care and technical advances (, Medical Tourism to Germany).
Hospitals in Germany by law need to undergo surveillance programs under government supervision. Certifications and accreditations such from DIN or Deutsches Institut fr Normung, TEMOS or Telemedicine for the Mobile Society, and KTQ-GmBH or Cooperation for Quality and Transparency in Health Care must be complied (, Medical Tourism to Germany).
Aside from acquiring accreditations and certificates from German Institute for Standardization, physicians undergo strict and thorough training before they can practice. Even when they were still medical students, they underwent basic preliminary scientific study and hands-on clinical study. It will take 5 to 7 years for them to finish their desired specialization which is followed by another examination before they can practice. However, even with this intensive study, Germany still has higher average number of physician than USA and Canada with an average of 368 physicians per 100,000 residents (, Medical Tourism to Germany).
Saudi Arabia is also noted for having excellent medical facilities. One of the largest hospitals in Middle East is King Fahd Medical City. This hospital is known to have fine obstetric gynaecological and paediatric departments. When it comes to eye hospitals, one of the best in the world is the King Khaled Eye Specialist Hospital (, Saudi Arabia-Health Care and Medical Treatment).
Saudi Arabia committed to improving medical health treatment for ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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