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Choose one video clip identify the characteristic of child/chilren's action - Assignment Example

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Identify the characteristics of the child’s actions, which are consistent, with at least 2 of the defining characteristics of play covered in the week 1-Introdcution and definitions lecture and/ or your week 1 Crowther (2011) reading. Ensuring that you demonstrate that…
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Choose one video clip identify the characteristic of child/chilrens action
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Extract of sample "Choose one video clip identify the characteristic of child/chilren's action"

Download file to see previous pages In relation to the video, a number of characteristics of play could be deduced. First of all, play often should be intrinsically motivating. From what the video depicts, the child appears to be individually motivated to play evidenced by no one instructing him to do this and that. For play to be intrinsically motivating, means it should come within the player. Furthermore, the play displayed by the child is voluntary in nature, that is, no one directs the child on how to play whatever he is doing (Crowther, 2010). The child does what he feels best using the environment provided to satisfy himself. Furthermore, as the child plays, all decisions regarding the play become made personally. It is the child who decides how and when to play with the environment he had been provided. Play is supposed to satisfy the child’s insatiable need. The child in the film seems as if he is enjoying whatever play he is engaged in.
Another characteristic of play displayed from the video is active engagement. From analyzing the video, the child seems to be physically engaged in the play. The child takes soil with the plastic spade and tries to pour it in the plastic cup depicting the physical importance of play for the child. In addition, the child is alert and concentrates in whatever he does. This supports the importance of cognitive engagement in play. From some movements displayed by the child, like the scooping and pouring of sand in the plastic cup indicates positive cognitive development (Crowther, 2010). In the human body, it is the function of the brain to coordinate some precise movement and process and initiate inputs given to it. Furthermore, an element of social engagement could also be deduced as the child remains aware of the environment he is and maximally tries to use it to enhance his playful nature. In terms of emotional engagement, the child seems to be making facial gestures and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Choose One Video Clip Identify the Characteristic of child/chilren'S Assignment.
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