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Aviation Argument - Term Paper Example

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The advantages of outsourcing cost saving, service quality improvement, and increased customer satisfaction. The white paper offers biased interpretations. The interpretations are not backed by surveys or…
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Aviation Argument Paper
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Download file to see previous pages The White paper has a self-serving interpretation of the air traffic control outsourcing proposal. Indeed, the time for the outsourcing of the American air traffic control jobs is now.
The outsourcing of the air traffic control job contains many issues. The research centers on the advantages of outsourcing. The research focuses on the White paper’s biased analysis of the outsourcing alterative. The time for outsourcing the air traffic control processes must not be delayed further. The privatization of ATC will improve current air traffic service. Ron Hira (2008) emphasized “Offshore outsourcing in the services sector is a major shift in how our economy operates, and it will have serious impacts on the trajectory of economic growth, national security, the distribution of income, and the workforce. These impacts will be both positive and negative. When the business owners and consultants who are moving jobs overseas claim that their actions will have a clear net positive, they are merely fortune telling”. In terms of air safety data shows that Canada’s air safety is better than the current United States air safety program. Canada outsources its air traffic control responsibilities. In addition, there is better safety statistics in United States airports run by private contractors (outsource companies) when compared to the air safety statistics of United States airports run by Federal Aviation Administration or FAA. In addition, Nav Canada complied with all requirements to effectively and efficiently control the landing and takeoff of planes with its airports. The Canada outsourcing companies cooperated with NORAD and Federal Aviation Administration by implementing high quality air traffic control operations. With privatization, there will be smoother and quicker implementation of advanced air traffic control technology, which is beyond the current FAA’s current slow modernization activities. Outsourcing ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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