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Men and women, Yin & Yang - Essay Example

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Green (para.1) writes that, yin refers to the female gender, which is understood as being “negative, passive, earthy, dark, cold, wet, and feminine”; while…
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Men and women, Yin & Yang
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Extract of sample "Men and women, Yin & Yang"

Your full March 5, Men and women According to Yin & Yang The concept of yin and yang, in Chinese philosophy, refers to the two genders that are totally opposite to each other. Green (para.1) writes that, yin refers to the female gender, which is understood as being “negative, passive, earthy, dark, cold, wet, and feminine”; while yang refers to the male gender, which is stereotyped as being “positive, bright, heavenly, active, dry, hot and masculine.” This mini-paper tends to discuss the characteristics and behavior of men and women according to yin and yang.
It is a universal fact that opposites attract each other. When a person meets his Mr. or Ms. Perfect, the pull is irrefutable and incomprehensible despite all differences in behavior and personalities. They are attracted to each other even when they are living far apart. This attraction has always been there in all ages. The girl is yin, and the guy is yang. Yin attract yang with her feminine traits, and yang attracts yin with his masculine traits. Yin is emotional, while yang is indifferent. However, both yin and yang harmonize each other quite perfectly, balancing each other’s negative traits with their positive ones.
The yang characteristics of men help them in reasoning and making logical decisions. Their way of approaching problems and solutions is based on intellect rather than emotion. They accomplish their mission with ingenuity and wisdom. They use their absolute willpower and persistent determination to achieve their goals. They are blessed with such resolute power with which they can lead independent lives. They are patient, understanding, and authoritative in nature. They consider themselves as that positive light which can bring the world out of darkness. Hence, they are also dominant in their personal relationships.
In contrast, the yin characteristics of women include receptiveness, shyness, and responsibility. Women are more inclined toward emotional logic and sixth sense. They perceive problems with their inner eyes, and spend ample time in making choices that prove to be fruitful in the long run. They give importance to love over practicality. They are more compassionate than their yang counterparts, and believe in poignant aspects of relationships. To them, love is the most cherished possession, and they will do everything to sustain it. They are born with self-sacrificing nature, and are inclined to prefer others to themselves.
Extremities in yin and yang characteristics disturb the balance that is required to maintain harmony between the two genders. When a man is too yang, he will underestimate his yin counterpart by considering her to be childish. He will think that her emotional logic is nonsense, and he is the only one who is wise. A woman, who is too yin, rejects yang traits, regarding her yang as inconsiderate toward her feelings. She will think that yang does not value her, and this makes her heartbroken. If she is wise enough to understand her yang’s intellect and masculinity, she will find him protective enough to rely on his yang characteristics.
In short, men and women possess totally different characteristics, according to yin and yang. Yin is feminine, receptive, emotional, passive, dependent, and shy; while, yang is masculine, wise, intellectual, patient, active, independent, and clever. Both yin and yang complement each other, and require each other to create harmony in the world.
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Men and Women, Yin & Yang Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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