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Geography The discussion in this class goes around (How Societies Change) - Assignment Example

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Geographical challenges are the hardest to find and yet in this age of modern science man is still unable to control the changes in nature that ruin or harm his settlements. The USA Today published a report on 6-Mar-12 “Businesses struggling to reopen (USA Today, 2012).”…
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Geography The discussion in this class goes around (How Societies Change)
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Extract of sample "Geography The discussion in this class goes around (How Societies Change)"

Geography The discussion in this goes around (How Societies Change) Man’s settlements and geographic challenges Geographical challenges are the hardest to find and yet in this age of modern science man is still unable to control the changes in nature that ruin or harm his settlements. The USA Today published a report on 6-Mar-12 “Businesses struggling to reopen (USA Today, 2012).” Henryville lost all its business and the peaceful life when struck by the hurricane effecting at least 580 homes and businesses and people were left homeless, hungry and without any money as electricity were cut out and banks were closed resulting from the damage. Sheldon a 42 year old lost his motors workshop which was operating quite soundly and he was hoping to employ two people but lost it to the tornado and many others like him have suffered a lot. The geographic location of the town became a hindrance in the peaceful life of the town but nature cannot be fought and people just have to wait until the disaster is over.
“Lifeline connects state known as shifting sands (The New York Times, 2012).” Another geographic challenge faced by the US authorities as published in The New Times on 5-Mar-12, Hatteras’ lifeline the only bridge known as “Highway 12” connecting the small island with the world was trashed by hurricane Irene. The local authorities built the bridge afresh but nature seems to oppose the construction, winds and waves are still causing it harm spreading fear that it might not sustain and collapse again. This place is also stricken by its geographic location with a deadly ocean around it.
These natural disasters can destroy lives and property while humans can do nothing to control them. Man seems powerless in front of such disastrous geographic changes. These disasters prove lethal to the economy and the infrastructure of the state, reconstruction cost millions and people having lost their precious properties are under heavy stress by the effects they encounter. Although people have settled down in these places and have adopted their lives following the geographical dangers of the place yet when it strikes the people can do nothing but watch helplessly at the poor state they are left in after the disasters. Economic situation is crushed and people seem crushed to poverty. Without homes they have to spend their days out on the streets and sleep under open sky or in their cars instead of their cozy beds. Life seems to be sucked out of them.
With businesses destroyed it becomes a challenge for the people to re-establish themselves and the jobless people live a life of refugees in their very own city. With no money, people cannot hope for a better future and wait for the government to provide relief and aid to help them live. These nature’s disasters are a huge challenge to the US government as this disrupts not only the budget but is a huge setback to the plans the government has regarding its states in these dangerous zones. Not only has the lower class suffered from it but the rich too have lost their precious property to such natural disasters and many people have not yet been able to regain their loss.
The increase in population with the birth of a child or migration of people in the US, it increases many problems for the authorities. This means the consumption of food increases in the country as well as more housing facilities are required. This does not only affect the United States’ internal policies but also the external ones too. The major five producing countries i.e. China, Russia, US, India and South America all face these problems as migration and birth rate are immense. This changes styles and affects every class and the whole world follows their trends. A perfect example how the trend carries on from one place to the other may be viewed in a football stadium as the wave starts from one end and travels all around back to where it started. The people donot know where it started but follow the trend and keep the wave running. Similarly on the road when the speed limit may be defined as 60 but once someone breaks the limit people all around follow suit without actually thinking.
When considered globally these changes affect every class in the world. People now crave to eat Italian food and Thai food and Chinese food whether they live in those specific countries or not. But the change is witnessed every where and for many poor countries keeping their class in league with these 5 major countries it has become a huge problem.
1. According to the “Destruction of property” in the US which of the following natural disasters have occurred more frequently in its states?
A. Hail Storms
B. Land Sliding
C. Hurricanes
D. Tornadoes
2. The Hatteras faces constant fear of the Highway-12 collapsing because of the constant rise in tide. Which option according to the scientists seems appropriate for a long term connection of the island with the rest of the country?
A. Ferry ships
B. Re-building the collapsed bridge
C. Long bridge
D. Evacuate people from the island
3. What factors does the article state as the hindrance in the development of towns in US?
A. Natural disasters
B. Not enough budgets
C. Medical facilities
D. Tourism
The New York Times (2012). A North Carolina Lifeline Built on Shifting Sands, taken from
USA Today (2012). Businesses fight to reopen in tornado-stricken states, taken from Read More
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