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Business regulation - Essay Example

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In recent years, United Kingdom has experienced an increase in binge drinking among adolescents. Research indicates that among 15-16 years old, one in six teenagers have been in binge drinking…
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Business regulation
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Extract of sample "Business regulation"

Download file to see previous pages For the industry, alcohol beverage uses a wide range of marketing tools where most young people are greatly exposed in everyday life (Brabbs 2002). Further, these marketing tools result in abroad range of marketing practices that range from event sponsoring to TV commercials from advertising in social media to giving away promotional items across UK. To this effect, the paper will focus on effective alcohol marketing in the UK. The paper will quest to give a detailed analysis of alcohol advertising in the region, advertising and children, codes and practices as well as offer solutions aimed at effective alcohol advertising.
The alcohol manufacturing and advertising agencies argue that it is legally possible for the alcoholic products to be advertised since they are legal products. Bans on the advertisements of the alcoholic products are argued to have adverse effects to the alcohol market as well as the media. The stakeholders argue that the advertisement on the products is aimed at promoting their sales as well as offering a chance to have new drinkers to the new individual brand product. There is arguably no link between the advertisement of alcoholic products to the overall levels of consumption of product or any related harm (Edwards 2004). The product advertisement has an objective of increasing its sales, maintaining the competitive advantage and provision of information to the customer on the new additives and improvements of the alcohol products of choice. The advertisements also offer a chance for the drinkers to ascertain the right products and differentiate them from counterfeits (Edwards 2004).
Evidently, the intensity of advertisement and promotion of the alcoholic products appears also to provide sanctions as well as the legitimate use of the products that may result in the increased damage on individuals as well as the societies. However, alcoholic advertisements are viewed to be one sided as they avoid any ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Business Regulation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 Words.
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