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The cycle of a relationship - Essay Example

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One can get a clear idea about the phases of relationship by going through the Knapp’s relationship theory.
The relationship between a girl and a boy is often…
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The cycle of a relationship
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Extract of sample "The cycle of a relationship"

Cycle of a Relationship Relationship between two people is often described based on the different stages and the ways in which it progresses. One can get a clear idea about the phases of relationship by going through the Knapp’s relationship theory.
The relationship between a girl and a boy is often defined to be a more intimate relationship and they undergo several changes while talking this relationship forward. The life cycle of a relationship is categorized into two parts, getting to know each other and becoming closer and moving away. Relationships are considered to be delicate as people nurture them with more care, since even a small mistake might turn out to be the end of the relationship. A closer look at these stages will help us to analyze them in a better way.
The relationship starts with a formal conversation and this stage is referred to as initiation where the exchange of information is limited. (McGraw, 2001). As days pass by, the relationship moves on to the next stage where the topic of conversation is about likes and dislikes. They tend to ask more questions to know more about each other in order to move forward in their relationship. Not all relationships move on to the next stage, some of them part their ways if their interests are not similar. This phase is known as the experimentation phase. Once they cross this stage, the relationship intensifies and the girl and the boy tend to share more information about their personal life. The relationship evolves into a more intimate one and physical attributes might also crop in. Each step in this part of a relationship brings them closer leading to a state where they accept each other. This phase is called as the phase of integration and the couple tends to exhibit common interests and likes. The relationship gets converted into a bond where the girl and the boy get themselves engaged. In certain relationships, the more matured form is also attained.
A relationship becomes stronger when they agree to accept each other as they are and it seems to be easy to take it up to the next level. But, not all the relationships end on a positive note. People tend to move away and this occurs in different stages.
Getting separated or moving apart can happen at any stage of the relationship. When analyzing a bonded relationship, the possibility of getting into an argument or a fight is less, whereas, a couple with less understanding is more prone to such unnecessary fights and problems. Initially the differences might take a front seat and every other talk leads to a fight. (McGraw, 2001). In the next stage, the communication becomes less and they often behave in such a way that they are not bothered about each other. This stage is known as circumscribing. Even the talks become too formal and exchange of information about one’s personal life comes to an end. Stagnation creeps into their relationship where they might stick on to each other for the sake of society or other reasons. Conversing happens very rarely leading to further deterioration. Some couple tends to avoid each other and physical relationship ends here. Termination is the next step where they get separated after a detailed discussion about their past life. Though it is more painful for people who have been in a relationship for a longer period of time, this step is considered as the final stage where they part for lifetime.
When analyzing all these stages, one can easily understand that a relationship is not easy to maintain. But accepting each other’s mistakes and understanding will pave way for a better relationship.
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