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Brand story dicussion questions chapter 6 - Essay Example

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In fact these changes are so minute that their way of marketing or sales of product lines remains the same. A major reason which explains this behavior is the fact that their brand strategy…
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Brand story dicussion questions chapter 6
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1. Does A&F reinvent its brand strategy every year through its product assortment? Is it successful? Why or why not? The changes that A & F makes to its offered product assortment annually are very minor. In fact these changes are so minute that their way of marketing or sales of product lines remains the same. A major reason which explains this behavior is the fact that their brand strategy has been so successful over the years that they don’t feel the need to reinvent it. Their flourishing sales and the fact that they are such a big player in the retail industry, in terms of competition, is a reflection of their success. Another reason that contributes to their success is the fact that they know what their customers expect and cater to their needs accordingly. Their constantly similar product offerings and the customer’s satisfaction associated with them ensures a steady demand for their products.
2. How does A&F brand its products? Do you think its brand practices are successful?
A & F uses many aspects of branding its products that are memorable. The first of these is their prominent mouse logo which consumers learn to associate and identify with the brand. Secondly, their use of sexuality and appealing advertising which they incorporate by the use of attractive models makes them memorable. These images are used on their shopping bags as well as in store pictures making it easy for consumers to associate and identity a A & F products.
3. How do retail store atmospherics such as music, fragrance, lighting, store props, and retail brand associates strengthen a brand message? How do they weaken it? 
Adding retail store atmospherics to strengthen a brand message is something A & F has effectively been able to do over the years. Their aim by incorporating elements like music, fragrance and lighting that is soothing and attractive is to give their customers a full brand experience. It differentiates them from their competitors and they are hence recognized for providing these elements.
A possible disadvantage of doing so could be due to the strong use of sexuality and nudity to market their products can raise concerns as some parents would not want their impressionable children to be subject to such advertising. Also the strong cologne, loud music and harsh lighting can make it an unattractive option for some customers who find it distracting.
4. What feelings or emotions do you experience when you enter an A&F store? Do you think A&F tries to intimidate its customer by using extremely attractive models? 
I find the atmosphere and the use of loud music, strong fragrances and dim lighting as negative aspects of A&F’s shopping experience. I find that these aspects are overdone and unnecessary and constitute to a sensory overload and distraction. Also, I find the use of extremely good looking models as an intimidating aspect. It is no doubt a effective advertising tactic; the use of attractive models exuding sex appeal and an direct association of these elements to the brand leading the customers to believe a purchase of their products would cloak them in the brands image. Also it might raise concerns for conservative parents that disapprove of the image that the brand gives off.
Abercrombie and fitch. Chapter 6: In store branding concepts. Case discussion. Read More
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(Brand Story Dicussion Questions Chapter 6 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words)
Brand Story Dicussion Questions Chapter 6 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
“Brand Story Dicussion Questions Chapter 6 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words”, n.d.
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