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English Composition- Fiction and non fiction stories - Book Report/Review Example

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The style that is used with this particular story is omnipresent narrative, specifically which describes the mythology and the overall ideals that are a part of the story…
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English Composition- Fiction and non fiction stories
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Extract of sample "English Composition- Fiction and non fiction stories"

Download file to see previous pages The point of view is able to relate specifically to everything that is happening in the story while showing how Oedpius met his voice.
The plot and the characterization also work in this myth to tell the main theme of the story. The main character is Oedipus, specifically which is seen before his birth as foretold by an oracle and then throughout the story. The approach is first noted with Oedipus’ distance away from home, specifically to stay away from the fate foretold in the oracle. The second part of the plot is the climax, in which Oedipus solves the riddle of the sphinx and frees the town from the fate. The third is when he marries the queen, which he later finds is his mother. The voice that is used states “For years Oedipus lived in peace, unwitting; but at length upon that unhappy city there fell a great pestilence and famine….Jocasta died and Oedipus took the doom upon himself” (Peabody, 1). This particular phrase shows how the combination of plot and character work to convey the theme of fate. The description of Oedipus and the fate of the city work together in describing all aspects that are a part of the theme. The same voice is then able to overlook the changes which overcame the city and how these link specifically to the idea of fate and destiny that is foretold in the story.
A second story which conveys similar ideas is “Venus’s Dove,” by Lydia Child. This myth uses the same concept of the omnipresent voice to overlook the different aspects of the story. The voice is one which focuses on Ida, specifically with mentioning the thoughts she has as well as the ways that she approaches the mortals and the immortals. The voice is able to provide insight into how Ida wants something that she cannot have and wishing to be in a different place than she is. The theme then becomes based on being careful what one asks for, specifically when it comes to being out ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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