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The history of manufacturing worldwide and its influence on societies and global power - Essay Example

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It entails setting up of an effective business plan with branches all over the world. This can, on the other hand, mean producing goods fit for the whole world. Today, this has…
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The history of manufacturing worldwide and its influence on societies and global power
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Extract of sample "The history of manufacturing worldwide and its influence on societies and global power"

Download file to see previous pages It was from this that the world saw increased food production. Whitten, O. (1997, pg2) says that it was during this period that the agricultural sector benefited from production of machines to replace the existing ones which proved to be unproductive.
It is rational to argue that the economy of the world has been independent of the growth in agriculture. This is because as the agricultural sector made some steps the economy made some percentage growth. The manufacturing of goods in the whole world increased. More profits than before were indicated. The availability of raw materials was another factor that contributed to the growth of manufacturing industries. It is common knowledge that the production industries need a constant supply of raw materials. Development of technology that enabled the growth of certain crops in deferent areas where they could not grow before proved to be significant in factory development. These factories enhanced the increase in suppler which meant that more food was available for human consumption than before. Mills, J (2002, pg53) argues that the increase in the food production was in tandem with the increase in economy.
World manufacturing companies are now making profit. In all sectors of life, things have been brought to the footsteps of the people. It is rational to indicate that, talking of the world manufacturing; one is at the same time talking about globalization. New machines have continuously been manufactured and in the process, increase the production of goods. The technology, more specific the preservation methods, provided a chance for the growth of industries. Transportation systems improved tremendously. As a result, machines that cannot be manufactured in deferent areas were transported. This made it possible to have the industries spreading to all corners of the world. Proficient management system in all business, as put by Trautman et al (2008, n.p), is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The History of Manufacturing Worldwide and Its Influence on Societies Essay.
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