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Black Slaves - Essay Example

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Studies show that it was the most dehumanizing occurrence in the history of the black community (Watson, p30). Slavery is the perspective where one person is lawfully the possession of…
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Black Slaves
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Extract of sample "Black Slaves"

Black slave Black slavery s centuries ago, in particular during the ninth and, tenth centuries. Studies show that it was the most dehumanizing occurrence in the history of the black community (Watson, p30). Slavery is the perspective where one person is lawfully the possession of another. Slavery entails the treatment of people like property for labour force. The practice of slavery did not commence with the invasion of Africa by white settlers and, other conquest. Like in many places around the world, early slavery in Africa resulted from rival groups taking captives. The captives were insignificant to those communities and, this was the reason behind the slave trade; they opted to exchange them with valuable items from the traders.
Some African countries like Ghana, Angola, and Tanzania largely practiced slavery as an exchange valuable in trade. The incarceration of the slaves was in systematic ways such as waging war on some weaker communities. The superior African kingdoms would later sell the slaves to the Arab and, European slave trade agents (Watson, p30).
The Africans themselves carried out slave trade. To them this was a beneficial business. According to ancient history on slavery, a slave was equivalent to 14 pounds and, this was a lucrative engagement. Study shows that the Arabs were the first people to practice black slavery in Africa, even before the coming of the Europeans. They traded with dominate African empires and, communities who exchanged the slaves for precious goods for a period of 600 years before the white man set foot in Africa(Watson, p 30). According to the historian, slave trade began in the Neolithic revolution following the realization of agriculture. This was a tremendous transformation in many communities from hunting to agriculture and, settlement. In addition, this transformation in lifestyle resulted to labour demand thus, slave trade and the dawn of civilization. The Portuguese, Arabs, and European were predominantly keen in exploring African wealth. However, at the same time they had created colonies in America and, were in search for labour force to help cultivate, and develop the land.
The end of the 15th century marked the peak of European black slavery trade; England was the largest protectorate to trade in salve trade. They began to take people forcibly initially as servants to the wealthy people. According to the European, the taking of slaves was in the name of converting them to become Christians and, probably give them a better future in Europe. Statistics show that million of African journeyed to America and Latin America, and other nations to work as slave. In 1500, a shipment of about 6.3 million left West Africa to America, and Caribbean island, while between1701 and, 1810 about 4.5 million Africans left Africa to work as slaves in America. Additionally, there is proof that in the Arab communities, there are African genes traced in their lineages. For instance, in Yemen there is proof that Arab masters used the black slave men as companions. Consequently, the journey of the slave trade materialized following the availability of ship. These vessels made the possibility of mass transfer and, trade for black slaves (Watson, p30).
In conclusion, over 15 million black people suffered through the course of the trade, which ended in the 1720s in most European countries. The treatment of slaves differed with country. In some countries like in North Africa, and Greece, the slaves had almost equal rights. However, in America, the rate of discrimination was paramount, the after effect of the slave trade resulted to low development in African communities.

Work cited
Watson, James L. Asian, and African Systems of Slavery. Berkeley: University of California Press, 1980. Read More
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