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Moral obligations extend only to human beings - Essay Example

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They must uphold the performance of the moral undertakings because if they do not do so, then there would be no difference between them and the…
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Moral obligations extend only to human beings
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Extract of sample "Moral obligations extend only to human beings"

Moral obligations extend only to human beings It is a fact that moral obligations need to be taken care of by the human beings because it is something central to their character. They must uphold the performance of the moral undertakings because if they do not do so, then there would be no difference between them and the animals. I seem to agree with the premise that moral obligations extend only to human beings since they are the most superior beings within the entire planet. They are responsible for their actions and to the non-living beings as well. Therefore their responsibility is immensely significant towards the performance of all tasks and actions.
The moral obligations need to be legitimized before one can remark them as being conclusive or completely incomprehensible. The fact of the matter is that these moral obligations have to be performed no matter how difficult or tough it gets at the end of the day. The human beings need to understand their due role and go about completing the tasks and activities that are asked of them in the long run (Stivers, 1996). There simply does not seem to be any other ideology behind the same dictum. The moral obligations come about in the wake of the adherence to ethical and moral standards that are asked of the human beings, and how they go about executing the same is an important manifestation of their behavioral domains.
Having said that it is also important to notice the kind of activities that moral obligations can actually bring to the fore as has been found through research and evidence of practice. One must fathom the fact that morality is something very integral to a person’s realms and he should therefore understand the ideology behind having it (Mullen, 2008). If there is a good amount of concentration laid on the premise that morality will come about with the performance of certain standards, which are for the betterment of the human beings in the long run, then this goes to show the amount of optimism which exists within the related circles. On the other hand, if this does not come about this easily, then there are bound to be serious repercussions for the human beings which must be discussed in entirety.
In essence, the moral obligations must be understood across the board. This is because these obligations have a great amount of say in the eventual make-up of the human beings and how they conduct their tasks in relation with one another. This is the need of the hour to make sure that these moral obligations are carried out in a good enough way (Himma, 2008). It will solve the quandaries related with the people and how they are being examined for their weaknesses from time to time. In the end, it would be safe to state that these moral obligations need to be realized, analyzed and comprehended well in accordance with the rules and principles that lie in close association with the same. This will essentially take care of the negativities that come about from time to time, and resolve the ambiguities that arise every now and then.
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