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Dairy - Research Paper Example

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Baking is an age old practice of cooking which flourished during Roman Era. According to (Reluctant Baking) “Baking was originally…
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Extract of sample "Dairy"

Download file to see previous pages However, in order to bake a dish perfectly, the right recipe needs to be followed.
When it comes to baking, the idea is attached to breads and pastries which are considered staple food and delicacies in most part of the world since centuries. However the use of dairy products in baking is the reason for the evolution and transformation of baking world. Dairy products are food originated from milk and these can be classified as fresh cream milk itself then butter, cheese, yoghurt, cream and so on. Dairy products when blended with flour and other baking agents created dishes which are delicate, innovative and palatable. It is the dairy products like butter and milk which give taste, texture and flavor to many baked desserts and savories. As baking evolved, the importance of dairy products has only increased so as to impart value and uniqueness to baked good products.
The main reason behind the use of dairy products in baking is to increase the moisture and flavor of baked dishes. The most nourishing dairy product in baking is whole fresh milk, when added transforms the appeal, texture and taste of any dish. Whole milk produces the best result in baked dishes due to its fat content and other nutritional qualities. Milk is used in varied forms as whole milk or semi – skimmed milk according to the demand of the recipe of the baked food item. Milk in other forms as cream, cheese, evaporated milk also culminates the tastes of baked food into enjoyable reality.
In the most popular desserts butter which is the derivative of milk is considered as an unavoidable cooking ingredient. Butter is the most richening dairy product acquired by churning milk and it makes every dish succulent and aromatic on baking. It could be mentioned that in baking process ,butter has a significant place .The reason is due to its semi – solid state and its easiness in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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