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Organizational effectivenes - Essay Example

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Organizational effectiveness is a fundamental factor that determines how a firm’s operations and performance influences that firm’s success in the business arena. There are numerous ways that are used and employed by different business enterprises to determine the extent of…
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Organizational effectivenes
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Extract of sample "Organizational effectivenes"

Organizational Effectiveness Affiliation: What should companies measure to track their effectiveness?
Organizational effectiveness is a fundamental factor that determines how a firm’s operations and performance influences that firm’s success in the business arena. There are numerous ways that are used and employed by different business enterprises to determine the extent of organizational effectiveness achieved. Tracking effectiveness employs a number of measures that consider comprehensive decisions, activities and management behavior within and outside the organization
Evaluating and assessing a firm’s capacity to remain competitive constitutes a measure of effectiveness in a firm. This is done by considering resources available to the organization, interests of the organization in business activities and the market segment served by the organization. The market segment is important because it dictates the market share available to the firm and consequently influences resource allocation. The process of resource allocation is the first step among a number of them that lead to the realization of organizational effectiveness. How well available resources are allocated among numerous organizational needs and the extent to which consumer needs are met in that process determines the said effectiveness.
Employee-management relationship is another measure of organizational effectiveness. Organizations that foster strong employee-employer relationships have been found to be more efficient that those without strong ties between employees and employers (Rampersad, 2003). In the same regard, an organization that pursues corporate social responsibility is more likely to be more efficient in its business that those which do not. This based on the fact restrained and optimal requirements of performance in order to achieve diversity and dynamism over time require that an organization’s operations and performance be efficient enough.
What did Harley do that is congruent with TPS?
Harley-Davidson is a manufacturing firm that consumers highly value. Its competitors stand challenged by this firm due to its diversity that aims to achieve consumer satisfaction. TPS recommends book keeping and issuance as the principle determinants of the success of an organization. Harley-Davidson adopted this recommendation, becoming one of the most efficient motorcycle and RV manufacturers (Teerlink & Ozley, 2000). Book keeping ensures that all fundamental records that pertain to the manufacturer are made at all levels. On the other hand, issuance enhances business transactions and monitors the overall performance for malpractices.
Over and above the above practices, the manufacturer employed a number of recommendations from TPS. Systems that monitor and manage resources have been adopted. On the same note, communications between the manufacturer and the firm’s customers has been enhanced. The manufacturer has opened an open communication system that monitors customer response and expectations in the context of the manufacturer’s products.
What did Harley do that is different than TPS recommends?
The manufacturer embraces the fact that consumer needs vary due to numerous identifiable reasons. Based on this factor, Harley-Davidson manufactures a variety of products that are specifically customized to specific market segments. This has been more so been realized through identifying potential and right customers for the manufactured products. Another distinct activity undertaken by Harley-Davidson is research on product achievement. Once a given product has been purchased, the manufacturer monitors the performance of that product over time. Products that have malfunctioned have been recalled for improvements by the manufacturer (Rao, 2008). This has enabled transition from one product to another prior to the experiences of consumers or purchasers.
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Davidson. Boston, MA: Harvard Business School Press. Read More
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Organizational Effectivenes Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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