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Ethics of Society - Assignment Example

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This essay discusses that there are many factors which go into the making of a successful person. However, before evaluating the success of the person it is important to determine what we really mean by being successful. Success cannot be measured in quantitative terms…
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Ethics of Society
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Extract of sample "Ethics of Society"

Download file to see previous pages Progress is a very important part of success, there is no success without progression in life. One has to understand that whatever we do in life has to be of a progressive nature and should not be static. Once we start doing things to our liking we should define set standard goals and strive to achieve those goals, and only after we achieve those goals along the lines of progression could we say that we have been successful in our endeavors.
I am still in the stage of achieving my goals, and therefore I cannot classify myself as a successful person. However, whatever interim goals I had made have been fulfilled by the hard work and therefore at this stage, I can say I am successful with what I have done and with what I had got to achieve those standards.
The United States is already a successful country. However, there are a lot of contingencies in the country which have to be corrected in order to make it an even more successful country. Those contingencies are the current lackluster economic condition which the country has been suffering from. The country needs more jobs and for that, the Government has to step in and make more jobs for the people. The entire manufacturing base has shifted from the United States to China and that is a cause for concern since the products which are designed in that country are now being manufactured somewhere else. Therefore for the US to be a very successful country in the future and sustain its success it has to shift the policy of outsourcing the jobs to other countries in Asia and focus on its own middle-class people who are ready and prepared to work in the factories for hours to earn some money. The middle class is now losing the focus in the country and that is why the country’s economic position is now deteriorating really fast. Law of attraction talks about the levels of energy and the vibes around us which we have to grab hold of and fell it along with the fact that we have to take in the vibes and give out vibes with the perspective of attracting the attention of the other individual. Law of attraction aims at understanding our flow of energy when we meet new people and how we use this energy to get the positive vibes of the people which we aim for whenever we are in a group having a conversation with people or when we are meeting new people with respect to socializing. The idea does not conflict with my values of religion since religion does not come in the way of the law of attraction. However, on the other hand, religion has its own definition of the law of attraction which is to spread good energy among the society which is pretty similar and identical to the law of attraction explained in the movie “The Secret”.

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(Ethics of Society Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words)
Ethics of Society Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
“Ethics of Society Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words”, n.d.
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