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Regime Politics-bookreview - Book Report/Review Example

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It covers Atlanta’s politics from WWII to 1988; so, anyone interested in theory, politics, and power of community can benefit greatly from this…
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Regime Politics-bookreview
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Download file to see previous pages This agreement was the basis for all of the important project that were produced in the stadium, and the transit service for Atlanta.“This agreement also initiated Atlanta’s nickname “the city too busy to hate” which was created by Mayor William H. Hartsfield” (Stone, p. 232). Hartsfield was a segregationist when he began his work; however, the urban regime finally convinced him to alter his views about race as well as many others of high position. Any of the mayors who attempted to work outside of the agreement had very little success (Browning, p. 557).
Stone also admits that there are many useful elements in the eletist and pluralist models of power, but also states that they lack certain policy foundations, and concentrate too much socially on control. Stone mainly discussed how policy was formed rather than who was in charge. The business leaders were a main part in the post WWII period which had to give many rights to Blacks that started social integration more quickly than it should have been. City Hall was controlled by Black, and the business leaders were in control of the economy; however, they both had to work together for progress. Stones methodology does not show many of the elitist and pluralist elements, and his research mainly comes from the Atlantic Constitution; therefore, Stones ideas may trigger some controversy within the political and sociology departments. However, many people in the history field may full support this book because of the informational historical context (Russell, p. 634).
The book clearly states that the Atlanta’s leaders are mainly White investors and middle class Blacks who both rely on each other.“They deal with some of the major projects developing in Atlanta such as the race integration in schools, more Black employment, and reconstructing many downtown facilities” (Stone, p. 145).
Another argument that Stone presents is that history must be the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Regime Politics-Bookreview Book Report/Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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