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Emerging global governance - Research Paper Example

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The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) was adopted on November 1989 by United Nations and ratified by nations in 1990 save for Somalia and United States. It is built on different legal systems and cultural traditions with an aim of ensuring entitlement of…
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Emerging global governance
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Download file to see previous pages A child who is defined as person of age below 18 years is entitled to healthcare, free education, adequate nutrition, freedom from violence, abuse, exploitation and leisure and recreation (Verhellen, 66).
The CRC originated from the Geneva declaration o 1924 which according to Verhellen (64) is the first international human rights instrument dealing with children rights. Before then, various organizations like ILO have made efforts to improve the well-being of children by setting minimum employment age for children to avoid abuse and exploitation. The Geneva declaration was made after the First World War to deal with the plight of children and remove them from deplorable situations. The declaration had a preamble and five aims referred as “Declaration of the rights of the child.” Under this declaration, a child was entitled to receive relief first in times of distress, protection from any form of exploitation, to be fed and sheltered and to develop normally materially and spiritually. This is the obligation of parents or adults. More declarations concerned with children issues continued to emerge. The declaration was reconfirmed by the League of Nations General Assembly (UNICEF, 2011).
Another Declaration which forms the basis for CRC is the declaration on the rights of the child in 1959. Whereas Geneva declaration focused on social and economic needs, the 1959 declaration focused on families, right to name and nationality and need for love among other issues. It had a preamble and based on 10 principles hence it was more complex than Geneva declaration. It touched on issues such as non-discrimination, name and nationality, education, opportunity for development and enjoyment of social security benefits among others (Verhellen, 66). The 1989 convention was a culmination of various human rights instruments developed over the years and its work began during the 20th ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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