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Children needing serviced - Admission/Application Essay Example

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Elderly individuals, the physically infirm and those mired in poverty all need help in order to live fulfilling lives. Globally, the most important population that needs to be served is children. This…
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Children needing serviced
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There are many vulnerable populations in the world that need service. Elderly individuals, the physically infirm and those mired in poverty all needhelp in order to live fulfilling lives. Globally, the most important population that needs to be served is children. This population of individuals has several important characteristics that require service to overcome.
The first characteristic of childhood that causes them to require service is physical. Children are unable to provide for their most immediate physical needs. Young children need help with basic hygiene and feeding. Dressing, feeding and bathing are all functions the youngest children cannot provide for themselves. Older children are unable to earn an income in the labor market that will provide the necessities of life. Children are dependant on adults to see that their physical needs are met. This makes them a population that requires constant service.
The second of these characteristics makes children vulnerable to manipulation. Children have not yet developed their full capacities of logic and reason. They are unable to see possible outcomes to their actions and cannot evaluate complex situations. Children need to be served and protected so that they have the opportunity to develop the skills necessary for independent thought and reasoning. Parents and skilled childcare providers are key individuals in providing the protection children need. Developing intellectually is most successful for children that are served by growing up in a safe, nurturing environment.
The final reason children need to be served so to help them to develop healthy emotional and social relationships. Children are going to make mistakes. They need to be served by caring, knowledgeable adults that can help them learn from their mistakes. This is where character and morality are developed. Children must be taught how to respond in a positive manner to unpleasant social interactions with other children and with adults. Helping children to develop socially and emotionally is a very difficult activity that requires time, patience and a lot of service by caring adults.
All of these needs are important to fulfill for children are important because they all shape the type of person the child will become as an adult. Children are literally the leaders of tomorrow. The health and success of our societies largely depend on the decisions they will make. Serving children properly provides the hope of a brighter future and solutions to the problems currently afflicting society.
Recognizing that children need to be served has inspired me to seek opportunities to fulfill this need in the world. Working in orphanages in Jamaica and Fiji has confirmed the importance of serving children. Caring for these vulnerable children is inspiring work when the future implications of the service are considered. Starting life as an orphan is challenging. Many would argue that orphans couldn’t be successful because they lack so many advantages other children have. Providing services and service to these children has been one of the most rewarding things I have ever done because I can see how the help I provide these children touches the future. While many in the world are in need of service, children need it most because they are our future. Read More
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