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The barque of dante - Research Paper Example

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The Barque of Dante does not only show a modern-day wreckage, but is an illustration of Eugene Delacroix’s great respect for the grand ancient literary works. Envisioned also as a work of art in the ‘grand form’, it was highly recognized by the people and obtained for the…
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The barque of dante
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Extract of sample "The barque of dante"

Download file to see previous pages The backdrop is infused by an ambiance of disaster and dreadful hopelessness. The agonizing cadence, produced by the squirming glowing images in the center, stirs up eroticism. Physical and emotional strains have been highlighted by the shadowy, heavy colors.
Delacroix had labored uncontrollably for several months to have his early work of art finished for the 1822 Salon judgment and once he had finished this canvass he was completely drained. But this relentless effort paid off eventually. The Barque of Dante was presented to the Salon jury, and gives definite recognition of its indebtedness to The Raft of the Medusa of Gericault. Without a doubt, the painting’s influence is not only confined to The Barque of Dante but also to Delacroix’s later works, such as The Shipwreck of Don Juan. However, Delacroix had a lot more to find out about the Raft. Gericault, in showing the dilemma of the shipwrecked all over the world, had established the footing for the artistic revolution. The big figures positioned near to the gaper are possibly suggestive of Gericault in the sense in which they occupy the exterior of the painting and in their secluded immensity.
In 1822, Thiers described The Barque of Dante in a single statement: “No canvas better reveals the future of a great painter” (Fletcher 2002, 1499). With this new theme aroused by Dante’s Inferno, the solemn vision and deeply striking imagery, as well as allusions to Rubens and Michelangelo, Delacroix drove painting in a different path, eventually to be categorized as ‘romantic’. The era of classical visual artists copying Roman and Greek painting had ended: modern-day preferences have completely abandoned them. The core design of The Barque of Dante is that remarkable talents from other places have produced literary creations filled with a way of viewing and sensing somewhat distinct from that of the French. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Barque of Dante Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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