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Aspirin - Term Paper Example

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This paper presents detailed medical properties of it. Additionally this paper examines the various circumstances when Aspirin is prescribed by doctors and the typical patient profile for…
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Extract of sample "Aspirin"

Download file to see previous pages Lastly this summary of the literature studied is presented and a list of works cited is included also.
Aspirin is synonymous for acetylsalicylic acid, which functions mainly as pain and fever reliever, and as an anti-inflammatory treatment. Aspirin decreases prostaglandin production which results in decrease in prostaglandin which alleviates inflammation and pain. When therapeutic doses of aspirin are ingested, the drug is rapidly immersed in the stomach, and peak blood levels usually occur within one hour. Following overdose, however, absorption and elimination are drastically altered. Peak levels are frequently delayed, and may occur six hours or more after absorption as a result of pylorospasm, bezoar formation, or the use of extended-release, enteric-coated formulations (Pierce et al,. pp. 65-212 ). In one extreme case, peak levels did not occur until 35 hours after ingestion (Rivera et al., pp. 53-90).
Aspirin is mostly used for preventing heart attacks, strokes, ease pain, swelling, and fever. It can also be used to treat arthritis and gout attacks. Aspirin is prescribed to patients with indications of rheumatic fever or in order to protect bypass grafts and stents in the heart. Aspirin works by blocking chemicals that cause pain and swelling and lowers fever by changing the bodys thermostat in the brain. It also helps in stopping platelets from getting sticky and clumping, thus preventing blog clogging which result in heart attacks. Doctors recommend aspirin usage at a regular interval and mostly after having food.
Doctors warn that aspirin should not be given to children and teenagers for flu signs or chickenpox and unsafe side effects may happen if taken while taking some other drugs. Additionally children younger than 16 years of age for those having flu or chickenpox symptoms should not be prescribed aspirin or if the patient has an allergy to aspirin or any ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Aspirin Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words.
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... Aspirin is one of the most widely used compounds in the world. It is used for a number of reasons in the medical community, including as ananalgesic and for its blood thinning properties. Due to its popularity, there are several different brands of aspirin on the market, all of which will have different amounts of salicylic acid as their active ingredient. Using the determination of this purity as a base, the experiment will compare the effectiveness of different purification methods, as well as exploring several important chemical ideas, such as concentration and theoretical yields. The whole experiment has been risk assessed to ensure complete safety in the laboratory during the process of this experiment. The first experiment... in this...
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...into proper consideration by any organization, its productivity can significantly improve. Just like marketing of any other product, marketing of Bayer Aspirin can be of immense importance to the profitability of any health care organization. Bayer Aspirin has been in the market for more than 100 years (Christensen, 2012). In fact, current research indicates that no other pain killer has been around for a long time as Bayer aspirin. Apart from treating pain related illnesses, Bayer Aspirin is used in treating heart attack (Christensen, 2012). Aspirin help in reducing damage to the human heart. In addition, low dose of Bayer Aspirin helps...
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...Your Module Synthesis of Aspirin The purpose of the experiment is to synthesize aspirin form salicylic acid and acetic anhydride according to the following reaction: Figure 1: Synthesis of aspirin (Clayden, et al., 558). A round bottom flask was charged with 1 g (0.0072 mol) of salicylic acid, 3 ml (0.03 mol) of acetic anhydride and 4 drops of 85% phosphoric acid as catalyst. It was equipped with a reflux condenser, heated to 100 F and stirred vigorously. After 15 minutes of boiling 1 ml of water was added to convert all unreacted acetic anhydride to acetic acid. The reflux condenser was removed after 3 minutes to allow all the produced acetic acid to evaporate. The reaction mixture...
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...Aspirin Aspirin Aspirin is one of the major and oldest pain killers used in the medical science. It is assumed that almost 40000 tonnes of aspirinare consumed every year worldwide. It has many other medical uses in the treatment of fever, inflammation, swelling rheumatoid arthritis, rheumatic fever, and mild infection. Even though the discovery or isolation of Aspirin took place in 1897 through a German chemist; Felix Hoffmann, many scientists worked behind the curtain from 1826 onwards to identify a pain relieving drug. In 1828, Johann Buchner, professor of pharmacy at the University of Munich, isolated a tiny amount of bitter tasting yellow, needle-like crystals,...
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