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From relative isolation to international role - Essay Example

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At the time of the Spanish American War the United States went from relative isolation to increased global involvement because of its imperialistic policies, to safeguard its interests in relation to opponents particularly Soviet Union and currently to fight against…
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From relative isolation to international role
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Extract of sample "From relative isolation to international role"

Download file to see previous pages The term ‘Imperialism’ is normally used when a nation enters into another geographical territory and captures its governance, with the intention to dominate it and also to tap from it. The late 19th – early 20th century was characterized by the spread of imperialism in the world. The US incorporated imperialism in its foreign policies to expand its political and economic influences. They did that through its involvement in the World Wars and also through other initiatives in the first half of the 20th century. This wish of US to play a prominent international role continued primarily after 1950’s, with its confrontation with Soviet Union through Cold War, Cuban Missile crisis, Vietnam War, Afghan War and with its involvement in the Middle-East, etc, etc. Importantly because of those actions, its role in the international affairs got strengthened and so US continues to play a major International role. Naturally, in such a situation the countries against whom those imperialistic policies were followed were affected and importantly even the American citizens were also affected because of US’ international role.
The wish to expand the borders through imperialism rose in the minds of the US mainly to keep the country in top ranks. It all started with its indirect confrontation with Spain in foreign territories like Philippines in the late part of 19th century. That is, with many European countries particularly Britain, Spain, Netherlands, France, etc., expanding their influence throughout the world through their imperialist policies, America not to be left behind started exhibiting imperialistic policies to garner many territories. However, America did not engage in any confrontation with imperialistic mindset against the British, but they did engage against Spain.
The Spanish–American War happened mainly because of American involvement in the Cuban War of Independence, and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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