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Hispanic/latino expansion in the USA - Research Paper Example

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People who travel to the US, or who choose to immigrate there know that once they are on US soil, they are treated equally and have a say in the government. This is why it is envied by many other countries around the world. Without the…
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Hispanic/latino expansion in the USA
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Extract of sample "Hispanic/latino expansion in the USA"

Download file to see previous pages The US is continuing to receive quite a wide-load of Hispanic people which is creating a large population of Latinos immigrating to the United States. The expansion of these people is not in vain.
The idea of expansionism is not a foreign concept for the United States. The Manifest Destiny actually proclaims that the US needs to expand. It’s as if it is a requirement. It’s the belief that the US must and will expand and that it is their reason and focus. The idea that expansionism was a good idea and unavoidable allowed for the introduction for other culture to be a part of the expansion. Now, expansionism is not just about gaining territory but it is now about sharing the culture, geography and population with the rest of the world; mainly the Hispanic population.
Ever since the colonization of the Americas, we have seen great expansion under the Spanish Empire that was initiated by the Spanish conquistadors. The missionaries were the main group of people who helped propagates the expansion. Increasing territory, and immigration was motivated mainly by trade and spreading Christianity during that time. Without those two motivational factors, expansionism may not have happened.
Christopher Columbus’ voyage, back in 1492 had great impact on the culture of the Americas. He and his men had an array of different places to discover and conquer. Among the lists of places you will find Peru, Mexico, but first, of all these places, is the Caribbean. They were encouraged and determined to convert the indigenous people into God fearing people. They judged the natives and destroyed any evidence they felt would be considered idolatrous. The language was not imposed as much as religious. The focus was more religiously based. His discovering and conquering gave way to a new form of acquiring territory: expansionism! Their quest for conquest and expansionism was successful!
Hispanics immigrating is not only beneficial to that people group, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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