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Riding around Denver - Essay Example

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During the past decade, scholars have sought to evaluate the level of occupational and geographical mobility. It is frequently asserted that, well detailed sub urbanization in urban areas is not just a trend focused on increasing uniform distribution of population and employment (Chudacoff and Smith 19). …
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Riding around Denver
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Extract of sample "Riding around Denver"

Download file to see previous pages The city’s economy is based on the geographical position as a major connector of the transport system. This paper will determine the roles of minority groups played in the urban society, the aspects of technology that interact with an urban environment and how various aspects of Denver city change from the centre to the periphery.
Denver is a city that is fast growing in Colorado. The local government has estimated that, by 2025, the metropolitan area is estimated to have about one million people. This is from the current population of 2.5 million. This is the most popular city within a radius of 550 that is centered within the city. According to American community Survey, that was conducted in between 2006-2008, depicted different percentages of racial composition. Whites make a larger percentage of the population of about 63.1% and Hispanic or Latino take 34% of the Denver population. The minority groups in this city include Asian, African American and Native America who take up a small percentage of Denver’s population. While the minority groups continue to form a growing portion of the population, especially in urban areas, these groups have not been included in the decision making process thus, leaving them under represented.
The poverty statistics that have been associated with minority groups have affected their contribution towards the urban society. However, racial tolerance is becoming a clear trend in the American society. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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