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Scholarship - Essay Example

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I am trying to take responsibility for my decisions and my future and at the same time I am trying to resist the negative influences associated with peer…
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Extract of sample "Scholarship"

Part A: JP’s ment Part I As a 16 year old growing up in the Westside, I am confronting many challenges pursuing and completing an education. I am trying to take responsibility for my decisions and my future and at the same time I am trying to resist the negative influences associated with peer pressure. My parents expect have permitted me to have a car and expect me to take full responsibility for my car and to continue with my education. However, my parents are having financial difficulties and I try to reduce the financial burden by taking on work to maintain my own car. Therefore my family and I would benefit from a scholarship as it would free my parents of additional concerns and financial responsibilities, making it easier for them to assist me with the maintenance of my car, while I focus on my education.
Part II: Counselor’s Recommendations
JP appears to be a very respectful, mature and thoughtful teenager who wants to reduce his parent’s burdens and wants to please them by taking responsibility for his car and his own education. JP also demonstrates a keen appreciation for the potential for failure by identifying the key obstacles to success. The obstacles are financial difficulties, peer pressure and the conflicts these factors have with pursuing an education and maintaining a car. JP has demonstrated a willingness to work to reduce his parent’s financial burden, but recognizes the difficulties working has on his pursuit of an education. A scholarship would certainly reduce the parents’ financial burdens and help them to allocate funds to assist JP with the expenses involved in maintaining a car leaving JP free to focus on an education.
JP’s parents are struggling financially.
JP wants to relieve his parent’s financial burdens by working part-time.
Despite the financial struggles, JP wants to keep his car, but also wants to complete his education.
JP has demonstrated maturity in recognizing his goals and the potential obstacles to achieving his goals.
Part B: BR’s Statement
Part I
My mother abandoned me to pursue an education when I was just 2 months. My father was not the best alternative as he was in and out of jail and abused and neglected me. As a result I spent the greater part of my life in the custody of Child Protective Services. Despite these hardships, I managed to remain in school. I am currently a junior at John F. Kennedy High School and I give my full attention to my school work. I am currently living with my grandparents who do their best to assist me despite the fact that my grandfather is disabled and their combined income is meager. I have thought about getting a job to help out, but realize that it would interfere with my education and limit engagement in extra-curricular activities. Therefore a scholarship would relieve my grandparents of the financial burden of helping me out with school supplies and would relieve me of the burden of having to find work, freeing me to focus on my education.
Part II: Counselor’s Recommendations
BR appears to be a determined and committed student with well thought-out priorities and goals. BR’s unfortunate history of child abuse, neglect and abandonment has not held her back, but has rather strengthened her resolve to make something out of her life. She is determined to complete her education and aspires to join the Air Force and pursue a career in search and rescue. She realizes that she needs financial assistance to complete her education and to pursue her career goals. She also realizes that without a scholarship, the burden is too much for her grandparents, one of whom is disabled and their combined income is entirely lacking. As a committed and determined student with clear goals and the maturity to pursue those goals, a scholarship would go a long way in helping this young student successfully complete her education and pursue her career goals.
BR had a difficult childhood, having suffered abandonment by her mother and abuse and neglect by her father.
BR is living with her grandparents who do their best to help her despite a limited income and the grandfather’s disability.
BR is willing to work to help out and to fund her education but realizes that she needs to focus more fully on her education.
BR has clear goals and priorities.
BR is determined to complete her education
BR aspires to join the Air Force and to work in search and rescue. Read More
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Scholarship Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 6.
“Scholarship Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 6”, n.d.
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