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FINAL EAM HIS. 101 #2 - Essay Example

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It was during this time when the Europe experienced numerous crises which include the economic and demographic crises, political…
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Extract of sample "FINAL EAM HIS. 101 #2"

Effects of Black Death Black Death is a phenomenon that came in during the middle ages in Europe following the changes that were brought about by the civilization. It was during this time when the Europe experienced numerous crises which include the economic and demographic crises, political dislocation, cultural and religious changes. According to the available sources, the plague was particularly responsible for the crises.
Plague is a disease that is carried by rodents and spread through fleas. The symptoms of the plague include: high fever, aching limbs and in some cases, the person may vomit blood. Plague is also associated with the swelling of the lymph nodes. Plague is a deadly diseases. It resulted in extraordinary cases of mortality in Europe. Because of this, the emergence of plague brought about demographic, economic, and psychological effects.
As far as demographic effects id concerned, the Black Death resulted in massive loss of people. The sources claims those two years following the emergence of plague, approximately one of every three people was dead. Furthermore, the findings state that the plague affected both the professionals and the common people. For examples the findings that were collected regarding the loss, soul states that professions suffered higher mortality. The most affected professions were those that tried t control or diagnose the disease. These include the doctors and the clergy. The findings states that approximately two of nine physicians only survived. The plague greatly reduces the productive generation both in the countryside and in the cities. Additionally, the condition did not left behind the university students and the professors. The source has that the whole community of elites suffered. It further states that the condition lead to the closure of the universities and schools located in regions hardest hit by the disease. This greatly affects the demographic characteristic of the Europe.
As far as the economy is concerned, the documented sources states that the plague disrupted the financial business to a greater extend. It lead to the death of debtors and hence forcing the creditors and the money lending institution to remain without recourse. The development of infrastructure was also affected due to loss of artisans. The losses of skilled personnel lead to collapse of mills and other special machinery. The loss of massive population also lead to labor shortages, which, in turn, resulted into negative repercussion such as increase in ages as well as decrease in the prices of goods. This greatly impacted the economy. In the countryside, there were no people to work on the farms. This further worsens the economic situation in Europe.
The condition was also associated with psychological effects. The sources states that the massive loss of life overtook men everywhere. Virtually every person, including the priest could not make out what the condition was all about. The massive loss of life brought despair everywhere.
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(FINAL EAM HIS. 101 #2 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words)
FINAL EAM HIS. 101 #2 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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