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Cathedral - Research Paper Example

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In the story, the husband is not a good painter but the inspiration of the blind man moves him and he makes things ready for the drawing. He is a passive painter in the story, the one who acts according to the instructions of the old man. In his drawing, he makes the…
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Extract of sample "Cathedral"

Download file to see previous pages On the other hand, the blind man had a purpose to draw the cathedral. He was trying to inspire the husband with his enthusiasm to complete a task. For the blind the cathedral was of two views; one, as an abandoned relic and the other, as a beautiful building of affectionate people. His perspectives of the two views were the two different conditions of his lonely life; one is his home, and the other he imagines the homely atmosphere that he like to live in. For him, the cathedral is the symbolic presentation of his present status. The drawing ultimately presents the two characters as the viewers of the same thing from different angles.
2. The drawing brings all the change to the man; he learns the way he should understand how others feel and observe things around them. When the drawing begins, he was sure he couldn’t finish it and the fear that he was not good at drawing pulls him back from his attempt. It can be considered as his real insider, a man willing to identify his own potential only with the stimulation of external pressure. The entry of the blind old man was not a happy concept for him, for he considered the person as his wife’s old friend and now a guest only to her. However, the presence of the old man was pleasing enough to draws his attention and the husband learns to behave towards the uncommon abilities of people. His wife is influential to his attitudes, and with her continuous urges, he starts the ways to talk to a blind man for the first time. He learns the way a blind person lived and realizes that physical challenges are no constraints to man’s insight and determination. I would like to consider that, the husband will surely learn to adapt himself to changing conditions in his life and workplace and respect other people’s opinion, considering the fact that people are always beyond his judgments. I strongly believe that the visit of the blind man will ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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