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Chapter 10 & 11 - Assignment Example

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The main roles performed by managers located in all the departments including safety department are: plan, organize, direct, control and staff. In safety department, the managers have to plan about the needed resources that will be required to ensure the safety of the…
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Chapter 10 & 11 Assignment
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Safety Management Affiliation The main roles performed by managers located in all the departments including safety department are: plan, organize, direct, control and staff. In safety department, the managers have to plan about the needed resources that will be required to ensure the safety of the organization. While planning, managers use data of previous incidents to figure out the required number of resources. Managers organize by providing safety jobs to different employees of the organization, they influence organization’s employees to pursue safety measures and ensure organizations safety, they supervise and monitor to ensure that all the safety requirements are being applied and they hire staff for the safety department.
2. Managers have been successful in motivating employees in using safety measures and ensuring organization’s safety with the help of incentive programs. Incentive programs also have a negative impact on the organization. Employees have manipulated incident reports and provided misleading information to managers to make sure that the manager continues using incentive programs. Due to manipulation and misleading data, managers have failed to counter safety issues at the right time. When managers stop incentive programs, employees return to their prior performance standards and in some cases standard of performance have even depleted.
Maslow’s Hierarchy of Need
Maslow’s Hierarchy of need theory states that employees are motivated to fulfill their needs. Managers can motivate employees by helping employees fulfill these needs. The theory even states that individuals try to fulfill their basic needs first and then they pursue remaining needs. Managers can motivate employees to ensure that employees take care of the organization’s safety by providing them incentives which will help them purchase basic psychological needs such as food and shelter. An example of the safety needs is job security, if managers make employees feel that their jobs will not be taken away then employees will be motivated to ensure that their working environment is safe. Managers need to make the employees feel that they are a part of the organization; this will help in fulfilling employee’s belongingness need. Managers should provide work to the employees; this will fulfill employee’s self esteem needs. Once all the needs are fulfilled, employees will start caring about the people around them and will make sure that their working environment is safe (Friend, 2010, 235).
4. McClelland stated that every individual is born with the need for power, affiliation and achievement. McClelland stated that need for power is an individual’s desire to lead and direct behavior of others. For example managers have a higher need to be able to direct the behavior of their employees. He stated that need for need for achievement is an individual’s desire to achieve his aims and objectives and gain success in his life. He stated that the desire of being social and being around familiar people is an individual’s need for affiliation.
5. Hazards that need to be addressed in m home includes: hazard of gas leakage which can cause fire, hazard of cleanliness which can affect the health of the household members in a negative manner and the hazard of security. To control hazard of cleanliness we have to hire a maid or do the cleaning job ourselves, to control hazard of fire we need to install fire alarms and to control security issues we need to get our main doors fixed and install CCTV cameras.
Time Table
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Every day (11:00 pm)
Every day (06:00 pm)
1st January 2012
13th February 2012
14th April 2012
15th June 2012
Works Cited:
Friend, Mark A, and James P. Kohn. Fundamentals of Occupational Safety and Health. Lanham, Md: Government Institutes, 2010. Print. Read More
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Chapter 10 & 11 Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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