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The US Bureau of labor statistics 2011 is a government association of information in different realms: business, social, political just to highlight a few of these areas. From the latest data from this document, the paper will discuss injury statistics from the hospital industry…
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Injury statistics
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Due: Injury Statistics The US Bureau of labor statistics is a government association of information in different realms: business, social, political just to highlight a few of these areas. From the latest data from this document, the paper will discuss injury statistics from the hospital industry (private government). The hospital industry NAICS codes (1) 622 and code (2) 622respectively.
According to NAICS (1) code 622, there were a total of 4626100 people annual employed. The total recordable cases were 0.3% with cases away from work recording a total of 0.3 and an increase of 0.3% on cases from job transfer or restrictions. Other recordable cases recorded a 0.4%.
According to code2, 622, there was an annual average employment of 344600 medical practitioners. The injury incidence rate was 11.8% declining by 0.8% to 10.2% in the year 2010. Similarly, there were 7.5 totals of recordable cases, having 1.9 % in total of cases. These cases are further divided into two: cases with days away from work, having a total of 2.2 percent while cases with job restrictions or transfer having recorded 2.6 %. Other recordable cases summed up to a 14.1 %.
Analyzing this data further, it is suggested that the general medical and surgical hospitals recorded the highest number of employees, with a total of 4317300 employees, followed by a specialty hospital closely with a total of 198800 annually1 employed people. The Psychiatric and substance abuse clinic trickled down last in the industry with a total of 10000 people. Total recordable cases were 0.3%, 1.9 % and 4.2 % respectively with total recordable cases of 0.3%, 3.5% and 4.2 % respectively. Analyzing further indicates that the cases with days away from work recorded a combined total of 0.3 % with 0.3%, 2.9% and 5.6% respectively in these sub-industries.
According to the Code3, code 622, the hospital industry, the psychiatric and substance abuse sub-industry recorded a 99.4% on average annual employment with a total of 7.3 % and 8.5% of incidences in 2008 and 2009 respectively.
The editor’s report conquers with the figure indicating that both fatal and nonfatal sections have a recordable reduction in workplace injuries cases in 2009. The total recordable cases have declined significantly since 2002. It is indicated that more than half were of a serious nature. The hospital industry, likewise, recorded a decrease in injury cases in 2010, 2009 and 2008 respectively.
In summary, both the fatal and nonfatal workplace cases and injuries declined significantly in the year 2010 from the year 2009. According from the report from the editor’s overview, there has been a general decline in the rate of injuries incidences since 2002. This could be attributed to the better government regulations, strict policing and better education on occupational health and safety issues. It could also be attributed to better training of medical practitioners in the medical field.
US Labour of statistics, 2011. <> accessed on 28th oct.2011 Read More
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