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Breathing is a production of addition and subtraction, where good air comes in and bad air comes out, so that clean blood can circulate properly within our bodies. Breathing, however, does not take place in two or three steps. It involves varied, interconnected processes that…
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How We Live and Die
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Today’s Your number Your email PARA1005 Topic section Marc Colbeck Three main things I learned from this session were:
1. Breathing is a production of addition and subtraction, where good air comes in and bad air comes out, so that clean blood can circulate properly within our bodies. Breathing, however, does not take place in two or three steps. It involves varied, interconnected processes that are all critical for good breathing. Any malfunction in any process can lead to inefficient or poor breathing.
2. The air we breathe is not pure oxygen, but composed of nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide and even water and Argon. This means that the body does a great deal of work in breaking down the air we breathe into outputs that we need to live.
3. Breathing to live does not end with simply inhaling air through ventilation, but its final process is cellular respiration. Only when our cells properly “breathe” can we “live.”
Some things I learned in this topic that I may be able to use in future are:
1. Artificial haemoglobin is a critical innovation, because it will solve blood supply problems and help save lives in the future. Its production, however, remains on the works, which means that in the meantime, we have to still rely on blood donations as one of the ways of giving and receiving blood.
2. Knowledge of the role of the circulatory system is crucial in understanding exhalation, because it affects the human heart rate. A good heart can exhale the bad air out and exhaling properly should also be emphasises in breathing exercises.
3. The formula for blood pressure will be important in understanding how to have a healthy heart, because it defines the factors that affect it. Knowing these factors for each person will help them understand possible underlying circulatory problems.
Some things I have changed my mind about, as a result of this topic are:
1. I changed my mind that breathing is a simple matter, because it involves interdependent relationships among the respiratory, circulatory and nervous systems. If the brain is not working, the heart and lungs will not work properly too. At the same time, people with circulatory and respiratory problems can also affect how their brain works, especially when the brain needs 20% of total body oxygen consumption.
2. We should take care of our brain by practicing good breathing habits and having regular exercise, because the brain needs more oxygen than I originally thought.
3. I now believe that second-hand smoke truly kills, since breathing involves numerous bodily systems, so if we breathe smoky air from others, this poisonous air pollutes too many important body organs and tissues.
Finally, I would like to study the following more in detail:
1. I want to know more about how the heart works with poor lung or brain functions, because it will help me understand the impact of these organs on the heart.
2. I want to read on devices that can help people breathe better, when they have lung, brain, or circulatory issues, because I want to know how far technology has come to replicate or support human breathing.
Some of the multiple choice questions I can think of are:
1) What are some of the factors that increase airway resistance?
a) Asthma
b) Foreign body
c) Burns
d) Anaphylaxis
e) All of the above
Answer: e
2) Is this statement true or false?
Respiratory volume is more helpful than rate.
Answer: True. It is not the rate but the volume of breaths we take that makes breathing better. This is why deep breathing is relaxing. Read More
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How We Live and Die Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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