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Medical ethics (abortion) - Research Paper Example

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In terms of pregnancy, there are times in which an unwanted pregnancy can result. Sometimes, conception can occur as the result of rape or the mother might not be able to adequately provide for the child…
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Medical ethics (abortion)
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Download file to see previous pages The reason that the concept of abortion is so controversial is because of the conflicting nature of religious beliefs and society. This was highly disputed in the case of Roe vs. Wade which was an attempted by officials to legalize the use of abortion in the United States. The controversy relied on the concept that a child is innately alive from conception. Therefore, the abortion of the child would be considered euthanasia or murder. Other proponents for abortion argued that a fetus is no aware up to a certain point in conception, therefore it could be medically feasible to discharge a the fetus if it was the mother’s choice.
Even though there are physiological consequences to abortion, but there are also a numerous number of consequences that can result psychologically. Even though some mothers may see abortion as a medical option for a way out of having a child, there are many studies, which show it can cause more damage psychologically. Many different types of research have show that depression, higher anxiety, and feelings of sadness result from the abortion of a child. This can pervade all of their behavior, which can lead to alcoholism, drug abuse, suicide, and other forms of self-destructive behavior.
There are two methods by which abortion can occur. The first requires the use of pharmaceuticals. It requires the oral uptake of mifepristone that terminates the pregnancy. There is a certain window of time that a woman has the opportunity to take the pill before other methods are to be used. The pill has a 97% effective rate of terminating an unwanted pregnancy. The medication has been tested by the FDA and has been deemed safe for women to use, however there are certain side effects that can be expected when taking the risk. Many women choose this option because they believe that it will provide more privacy as there is a stigma associated with abortion as well as gives them more control over the process.
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