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Unemployment Insurance Benefit Extension: High Cost for All - Research Paper Example

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It is passed to the unemployed people by state or other authorized government bodies. The reason of these benefits is to help those who are not able to land a job in the society. It is…
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Unemployment Insurance Benefit Extension: High Cost for All
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Download file to see previous pages These benefits are given from the money of the tax payers of the country. The debate whether unemployment benefits should be given or not is very common. There are arguments on both side of the controversy. I will argue that unemployment benefits should not be extended by the state.
The main debate about unemployment benefits is regarding its effect on the society. Proponents of payments to the unemployed argue that it is the only way state can ease the suffering of the people who are not able find employment. On the other hand people who disagree with such benefits say that these payments decrease the motivation of the people to find employment.
The fact that it is important to help people who are not able to earn a living for themselves founds the basis of employment benefits. The present system of unemployment benefits ages back to 1932 when Wisconsin came up with the idea of payments to the unemployed (Zimmerman, J. 1970). Since then unemployment benefits have existed in different forms. Unemployment benefits are usually granted for a period of 26 weeks but other programs are also in place to help people who face long tern unemployment.
The arguments given by people who support unemployment benefit programs are mainly centered upon human welfare. It is their belief that it is the obligation of state to take care of the people who are not able to support their families themselves. These people give humanitarian reasons for giving down unemployment insurance benefits to the residents of United States.
Other argument given by supporters of unemployment insurance is that it is important for rich and well to do people to care for the needy and poor. They advocate transferring of excessive wealth from rich to poor. It is maintained by the supporters of this system that in civilized society people who are unable to find jobs cannot be left to suffer. Also the unemployed might be forced to use illicit means to earn money and in turn can hurt ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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