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Status report - Assignment Example

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These are in addition to the 30 units already installed in the January Month 1 of the project. Weather has been favorable, and the local government-project sponsor has complied with their agreement to give…
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Status report
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Extract of sample "Status report"

STATUS REPORT _________________________________________________________________________ February To Mr. KurtDonnelly, General Manager
Donnelly Electronics Company
From: John Stevens, Field Manager
Camiguin, Mindoro Project
Subject: Status report on Galvan Solar Units Installation Project
We are submitting the 2nd regular monthly status report on the Galvan Solar Home 1800 Watts Units Installation Project in Camiguin, Mindoro.
As scheduled, 30 units have been installed and are operational. These are in addition to the 30 units already installed in the January Month 1 of the project. Weather has been favorable, and the local government-project sponsor has complied with their agreement to give security and other support assistance as the project may require.
The 120 units to be installed until April can be met. However, there are reports of an early monsoon, although proper precautions are being done. We have already requested the local government to assist in building storage quarters to protect our main units, panels and spare parts. Households are also being educated on maintenance including protective measures to save units and panels from heavy rains.
John Stevens

Scenario 1. Consulting/ knowing the facts are needed in planning the communication (Wolf, 1974). There is a reason why many of the technical staff do not come before 9:00 a.m. Possibly, they need to complete a heavy work load since they leave later in the evening. Prior to written communication, the project manager can meet the technical group to understand the problem and gain commitment for a stricter 9:00 a.m. rule. Compromise on late hours work may be reached through overtime incentives, if needed. An objective and well supported memorandum can then be prepared.
Scenario 2. General announcements will involve informing all levels-- department heads, supervisors and rank-and-file. If the new direction is great in scope, the upper/middle management should be consulted. With gathered insights/greater objectivity, a general memorandum announcement can then be made channeled through various departments. The company newsletter can also be used to ensure wider dissemination in the company, while the company website information can serve outside clientele.
Scenario 3. Action must support communication (Wolf). Project manager should find out the cause of the problem. Then a personal visit to the aggrieved manager, if he/she is open to an appointment, can be used to cordially explain your side—your regular reporting, as well as the inclusion in the list of the executive sponsor, and the cause of the problem. Possibly, a formal memo of explanation may not even be needed, unless the executive asks for it.
Scenario 4. Business communication is reciprocal and multidirectional (Wolf). It goes in vertical, horizontal and diagonal directions. Thus, communication may go horizontally at the project team level, upward-downward between superior-subordinate levels, and radially to the public, including clientele/consumers. Content/format/tone of status reports and other forms of communication are therefore different, inclusive of either detailed or high level information as the unique social climate of each organization requires.
Wolf, Aurner (1974). Effective Communication in Business. Cincinnati, Ohio: South-Western Publishing
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