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The quote itself can mean many different things. The quote by Frye Northrop, gives an awkward explanation of literature. The quote describes the time when modernism changed the way people lived. This new modern way of living as described by…
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Exam one
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"Exam one"

Download file to see previous pages Modernism changed the world’s perspective on art, music, jobs and housing. Many new ways of life had also changed the public’s view of many different things. This was an interesting time for growth and finding one’s self.
Art in the modern era was different than any other forms of art seen before. Many new artists were trying out a new way to express themselves. Literature was also influenced on many mixed feelings. The unsteadiness of the upcoming war led to art that could be defined without imperfection. Art as described in the quote, “similar to a pair of glasses that make two visions become one” (Toronto1962). Modernist literature consists of a world within a world. This perceived world was very imaginative. Many looked to this form of modernist literature as a way to get away from the many surroundings.
This new way of thinking left writers and artist wondering about life. Many felt that life was nothing without the presence of God. This feeling is commonly expressed in many forms of literature in the twentieth century. This anxiety and realist approach made its mark on history in a modernist ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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