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Important events - Essay Example

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Remembering the 65th anniversary of World War II brings to fore memories of atrocities of war, the torture, the death of love ones and the most important of all is struggle for one’s freedom. Anticipate that there will be A. Hitlers in the future who will grab power and…
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Important events
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Download file to see previous pages This war started when the North Korean Communist army tried to cross the 38th parallel and invaded non-Communist South Korea in June 25, 1950. In 1953, both South and North Korea signed a peace treaty which essentially ended them still in a divided status as before the war. (AsianInfo, 2000)
The Korean War has negative and positive effects. Both North and South Korea had much causality and property destruction but they both were stretched economically. The Korean War also legitimized the United Nations as well as brought more military power throughout the world. Korea […]
People perceive that the United States, though projected to be invincible, its pride and self-confidence has now succumbed to defeat. It is the longest and most debilitating war--the only war the United States ever lost. It is the sacrifice for liberty that counts (Sitikoff, 1999)
This is an abortive invasion of Cuba directed by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency and carried out by Cuban exiles. The invasion was intended to spark a rebellion that would topple Fidel Castro, whose communist regime was considered a threat to U.S. interests in the region. The rebellion never materialized, the invasion force was quickly defeated. The result was a huge propaganda victory for Castro and a severe embarrassment for the administration of U.S. president John F. Kennedy. Bay of Pigs (Berry,n.d)
This just to shows that the U.S., one of the superpowers is not spared and is far from perfect. The Bay of Pigs was one of the most important political decisions in the history of the United States. Its effects are still being felt to today, especially in the Cuban communities of the United States. The decisions that were made by the highest offices of our government showed us that the United States. They constructed a plan that wasnt completely thought through and paid a major price -- global embarrassment. They ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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