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This is a common question that is unconsciously answered wrongly. I know that it behooves students to study. They have to concentrate in class irrespective of whether they are in a speech class or not, do homework well and carry out their…
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Download file to see previous pages This implies that it is up to the students to cultivate a positive attitude that will enable them make use of the available resources including the tutoring programs available and professors’ abilities.
Amongst the most important duties for students is to ensure that they fully and actively participate in each and every class. For this to be effective, students have to prepare for their class session by carrying extensive personal studies. A lecturer might work hard to create a new Communications 100 class to help students prepare for the SPEECH 100/102 but if the students are not willing to study and prepare for the class, it would be of no use and as the old saying goes, one can lead a horse to water but cannot force it to drink the water. The notion that only students who have completed or exempted from ENG088 and ENG 094 can register for SPE 100/102 can therefore do not apply because their passing or exemption is not a guarantee that they will pass the SPEECH 100/102. Simply, if all students in SPEECH 100/102 try to do their best and follow their professor’s direction well, failing and dropping-out will not take place.
SPE102 is taught with sufficient and efficient directions from the professors thus making it easier to catch up in class without the need for a remedial or a developmental class. Before students prepare for any speech, the professor involved gives specific directions and sets of examples to aid them in their speech. The professor also encourages the students and helps them to gain confidence and deal with nervousness. Personally, my professor Ritchery Lee, clearly explains to us what we are suppose to do and elaborates using specific examples. For instance, at the begging of this semester, he explained how we are supposed to prepare our speeches using visual aids and mind-control skills. I also realized that every time we moved to a different speech, he became more specific and gave us specific instructions. At one time before we made ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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