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An engineer (Engineer A) working for an upcoming engineering firm as a CEO teamed up with another upcoming organization to develop and deliver highway/rail intersection database management systems for various organizations. The engineer has co-authored and patented their…
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Misrepresentation/Misappropriation of Another Engineer’s Work: Case No.  00 Niee (nd) Misrepresentation/Misappropriation of Another Engineer’s Work: Case No.  00-1. Viewed 28th November, 2010
An engineer (Engineer A) working for an upcoming engineering firm as a CEO teamed up with another upcoming organization to develop and deliver highway/rail intersection database management systems for various organizations. The engineer has co-authored and patented their products. Another Engineer (Engineer B) working for a different organization informs Engineer A that the state’s transport department has interests in the highway/rail system. Engineer B further informs Engineer A that the department has asked him to evaluate the system. He requests Engineer A to visit the state and make a proposal which A later submits to him. Engineer B later requests Engineer B to visit B’s offices so that he may demonstrate to the company’s technical and management officials how the system works. Engineer A obliges and does the demonstration in detail. Engineer B asks Engineer A to prepare another proposal including the details of all costs involved. After some time, Engineer B’s company calls to inform Engineer A that the company will not need Engineer A’s company’s services since Engineer B’s company has achieved the capacity to make their own system. An analysis of the case presented above shows that Engineer B acted unethically in obtaining technical (and patented) information from Engineer A and using it without his consent. This act amounts to a breach of copyright/patent laws given that Engineer B uses the information they gain from A to his company’s advantage without seeking Engineer A’s consent. In the fundamental canons as stipulated in by the American Society of Mechanical Engineering (ASME), the engineer is required always to give respect to the intellectual property and proprietary information of other persons including professional bodies and charitable organizations (ASME 2006 No 6; ASME 2008 No 5). Engineer B’s company has proved through its actions not to be reputable given that it disrespects the property of Engineer A’s company.
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ASME (2006) Society Policy Ethics: 4/23/09. Viewed 28th November, 2010
ASME 2008 Code of Ethics of Engineers. Viewed 28th November, 2010 Read More
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ASME Code Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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