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Therefore, a person with the ability to communicate confidently in a world where information is constantly changing and a great deal of time is spent on…
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Communicating With Confidence
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Download file to see previous pages A writer’s ability to quickly attract attention and create interest in the target audience gives them an edge towards communicating confidently. Generation of new ideas through creative and critical thinking leads to a better understanding of the topic and makes the writer to clearly understand the research problem. Communicating credible information obtained by the use of the proper research methodology creates confidence. Multiple measuring instruments such as interviews and questionnaires can be used to avoid biasness in the information. Writers should also be able to use relevant and intellectually stimulating examples with other supporting details to give evidence of deep thinking.
In today’s world where there is an overload of information due to high technology, effective and clear communication is essential in order to create a good impression. For a person to communicate confidently, a combination of technical knowhow and appropriate formatting of information to fit the target audience is necessary. Effective communication skills are beneficial because they foster healthy relationships between individuals and organizations and enhance the chances of people building on a successful career. Therefore, a person with the ability to communicate confidently in a world where information is constantly changing and a great deal of time is spent on writing stands a better chance of being successful.
According to Mati (2009), many business people lack the ability to communicate effectively in writing therefore businesses must be committed to rewarding the best writing practices. A number of factors have to be considered for a person to improve writing skills and communicate concisely. The initial step involves deciding on the audience or readers that the message is being conveyed to and the format of communication which defines whether the tone will be formal or otherwise. For example, a written letter ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Communicating With Confidence Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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