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In general, criminal law includes major criminal offenses such as murder, stealing, assault and rape cases whereas civil law includes activities related to the process of lending and borrowing money, entering into contracts, disputes with neighbors, and marriages (Merryman &…
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Criminal and civil law
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Download file to see previous pages In this study, the difference between the civil and criminal court principles, administration, procedures and types of cases in Ontario will be compared and contrast. As part of going through the main discussion, examples of cases that occurred in Ontario since 2005 will be provided in this paper.
In principles, criminal law in Ontario includes acts that is proven to cause intentional harm to another person or other people’s property whereas civil law involves either disputes between two people or negligent acts that could end up causing harm to another person (Canadian Superior Courts Judges Association, 2010 a). A good example of criminal law under the classification of burglary is the act of breaking into the home of another person with the intention to commit a felony (Lippman, 2010, p. 420). In line with this, the main purpose of criminal law is to protect the society’s peace and order (Sixth Sense, 2010).
Civil law aims to protect the interest of private individuals by upholding the rights of each person (Jenkins, 2011, p. 320; Sixth Sense, 2010). Unlike criminal law which involves the act of causing intentional harm to another person, civil law involves the argument between two people or any form of negligent acts which may end up causing harm to another person. These arguments can arise out of misunderstanding or disagreement over the ownership of land or buildings, dismissal of employee, bounced checks, or unresolved financial debts (FDIC, 2010).
Aside from simple family law cases such as divorce, division of conjugal properties, spousal and child support, parental responsibility for a child or the distribution of estates of deceased person; professional negligence and malpractice that could have resulted to physical injury or damages to another person is also categorized under civil court cases (Canadian Superior Courts Judges Association, 2010 a).
Since criminal offenses are made against the security and safety of the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Criminal and Civil Law Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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